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WATCH: Kep1er Keeps Shining In “Shooting Star” MV

Kep1er is back with their highly anticipated first full-length album! Kep1going On was released on June 3rd at 6 p.m. KST, along with the music video for the title song “Shooting Star.”

The track is a synth-pop song with an emotional synth line and electric guitar that blends with a rhythmic drum sound. The dynamic expression and development stand out as if speaking from outer space, while the delicate emotional lines that escalate towards the second half of “Shooting Star” give a glimpse of a more mature Kep1er.

The lyrics compare the process of flying in search of the sound that calls to you in a silent universe to a shooting star, reflecting the sentiment towards their fans “Kep1ian” that “even if I’m in the dark where I can’t see anything, I won’t be afraid if I’m with you.”

“Shooting Star” was composed by Kevin_D, DDANK, and Zamun of producing team D_answer, as well as Livy who all wrote for the track with lyricists Lim Sooran and Lee Seuran. Additionally, Kep1er member Dayeon participated in rap-making for the first time, demonstrating her musical abilities.

The music video has a futuristic space concept that features impressive choreography that emphasizes hand movements to resemble stars.

Kep1going On contains 10 songs spanning various genres, including the Korean version of the recent Japanese single “Straight Line.”

It was recently announced that Kep1er — originally created as a temporary group through the survival program “Girls Planet 999” — would be continuing their activities as a seven-member group.

Sadly, that means members Kang Yeseo and Mashiro will be concluding their time with Kep1er after these promotions, and return to company 143 Entertainment where they will join the girl group LIMELIGHT.

Check out the galactic “Shooting Star” MV below!

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