Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

WATCH: IMFACT Return With Addictive “Lie” Comeback MV

After a year and 3 months, boy group IMFACT are back with pre-release digital single “Lie”!

The track is off their upcoming mini album that will be released on April 28th KST. It was written and composed by youngest member Ungjae, who infused tropical house and deep house genres with colorful and emotional sounds that express beauty and sentimental feelings. The concept of the track started with the thought: “if the words promised in love are lies, would our parting also be a lie?”

Although it’s been a while since the Star Empire Entertainment group’s last comeback with “Only U” back in January 2019, the five members pick up right where they left off, culminating what has become IMFACT’s signature sound and continuing to show their growth into distinctive artists.

The impressive vocals of Jeup, Taeho and Lee Sang are as strong as ever, as are the unique rap skills of leader Jian and Ungjae, while the captivating choreography showcases the group’s performance chemistry and ease they are known for on stage.

The music video makes clever use of color effects and scene transitions, mirroring the drastic contrasts within each segment of the song’s composition as well as the lyrics’ conflicting premise.

Check out the exciting “Lie” MV below!

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Media: Star Empire Entertainment