Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

WATCH: Ha Sung Woon Shows A More Mature Performance In “BLUE” MV

HOTSHOT’s Ha Sung Woon returns with a new solo mini-album!

On July 8th at 6 p.m. KST, the former Wanna One member, dropped a music video heralding his return as a solo artist.

Entitled “BLUE,” the title track was given the official description of being a “medium tempo pop track that has a melodious start and builds as it reaches the chorus.”

His latest mini-album, BXXX, has five tracks and Han Sung Woon made sure to participate in writing and composing for his new songs.

According to him, he wanted to include the refreshing feel of summer in his latest project. He also added that the letter “X” in his album title represents an unknown. It could be any four-letter word that starts with a “B” and the perspective of the album depends on the listener itself.

Han Sung Woon had pre-released song from his new mini-album called “Riding” featuring Dynamic Duo‘s Gaeko last June 5th KST. This follows his debut with title track “Bird” earlier in February this year.

Watch the music video below!

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