Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

WATCH: EPEX Lights Up The World In “Youth2Youth” Music Video

On April 9th at 6 p.m. KST, EPEX released their first full-length album Youth Chapter 1 : YOUTH DAYS and the music video for its title track.

“Youth2Youth” is a pop song based around a lyrical guitar performance that musically leads to unexpected yet rewarding places. It builds to a strong second half where the EPEX members are joined by a 20-member mixed choir, further elevating the grand-scale feeling.

The realistic and relatable lyrics contain stories the members want to tell young people as youths themselves, showcasing the group’s unique sensibilities. It was written by Kim Su Jeong, Lee Dong Eun, and zer0 of the company Music Cube, as well as danke (lalala studio) and Llwyd. Meanwhile producers KZ, Kim Tae Young, DINT, and MLC composed the track.

Youth Chapter 1 : YOUTH DAYS is the first release of a three-part full album series by EPEX. Shaped by the fact that as of this year every member is an adult, the group feels this is the perfect time to convey messages to today’s youth, sometimes with brutal honesty but also warmth.

The album contains eight songs including the pre-release “Graduation Day,” b-side track “Breathe In Love” which will also have a music video, as well as songs for the team’s rap and vocal units “Dominate” and “My Secret” respectively.

Check out the triumphant “Youth2Youth” MV below!

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