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WATCH: Dynamic Duo Returns With “Sewing Line” MV Featuring Suran

Dynamic Duo is back and as smooth as ever with a new song featuring popular solo artist Suran!

On February 7th, Amoeba Culture released the new music video for Dynamic Duo’s “봉제선 (Sewing Line).” The lyrics of “Sewing Line” follow the feelings between a man and a women in a faltering relationship. With a line of thread symbolizing the hard work put into “sewing together” a relationship, the music video follows this theme with shots of thread being un-stitched and a ripped dress worn by the woman. The man seems to be a tailor, attempting to patch things up as well as he can. The couple is rarely seen in the same shot until the very end.

Suran’s smooth, indie vocals represent the woman’s view in the song and mix perfectly with the hip-hop vibe of Dynamic Duo members Gaeko and Choiza. Suran has released previous popular songs such as “1+1=0,” “Winter Bird,” “I’ll Be Fine,” and “Wine” which was produced by BTS‘s Suga. “Sewing Line” is the first official collaboration between Dynamic Duo and Suran.

Having debuted in 2003, the hip-hop duo rose to fame following the release of their album Taxi Drive, which still remains one of the best selling Korean hip-hop albums in Korea. The duo co-founded their label, Amoeba Culture, in 2006 and currently house artists such as Primary, Crush, and Ha:tfelt.

Check out the new music video below, then let us know what you think!

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