Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

WATCH: BTS Give Interviews On U.S. News Networks

While BTS was in Newark for their WINGS Tour in the U.S., the popular idol group held many interviews! Some of the outlets to interview them were Billboard and IHeartRadio. While these interviews were going on, the members of BTS also were featured on different broadcasting networks!

They were showcased on the FOX 4 news segment “The Morning Blend,” located in Florida, where they had a streamed interview with the hosts! Rap Monster was the spokesperson as he speaks English. They were able to get their reactions on the feeling of all their US shows being sold out. The members were beyond surprised and grateful to have made it that far. They were asked what makes international fans love BTS and Kpop in general. Rap Monster gave an amazing response that all fan’s can definitely relate to. His response was Kpop is a full art package. It includes music, choreography, social media, fashion, music videos, and so many other art-based aspects.

When someone finds out one thing about a group, they fall in deeper as they discover more and more about them. We are sure all fans can relate to that. “It all started with one video on YouTube…”

They did not just feature on FOX 4, but they also got to introduce themselves in a video on CW6 San Diego! They were able to introduce themselves individually and what they are in the group. They also got to answer again what makes Kpop so popular internationally.

BTS got the chance to showcase themselves through different broadcast and networks during their stay in Newark, and we are sure there is much more to come.

It is amazing to see Kpop groups get so much recognition in the U.S.

You can check out the videos below.

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