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WATCH: Bang Yongguk Returns To The Track With Single “Race”

To much excitement and support from fans and his friends in the industry, Bang Yongguk has returned to the Korean music scene with the release of his single, “Race”!

The music video was released on November 23rd at 6 p.m. KST. Bang Yongguk has done it again by releasing a powerhouse of a song that is sure to get people talking under his label Consent which he founded in 2019, shortly before leaving for his mandatory service.

Credit: Consent

Bang Yongguk channels into some of his favorite genres for expression: rock and metal. This single can easily be the opening to a shonen anime or dare I say it, the gateway for casual K-pop fans to be introduced to a whole other world of Korean music.

This is a chance for people to be exposed to music outside of K-pop and look into other talented and underappreciated artists. With a profile as high as Bang Yongguk’s, leader of B.A.P, that may be his intention while also sharing his own art.

The energy reminds old fans of B.A.P’s “What The Hell”, “Dystopia” and “BangX2” which were all co-written by Bang Yongguk. These songs are filled with anxieties of getting through difficult times. Listeners are met with lightning-fast, angry electric guitar chords and riffs, drawn in with booming drums threatening a major drop coming, and then get punched by the heaviness of Bang Yongguk’s iconic bottom-of-the-ocean deep raspy vocals.

As his fans say, “The king is back!”

Credit: Consent

Music Video

Red and black have always been Bang Yongguk’s aesthetic of choice, harkening back to B.A.P days with Shishimato, perhaps. It’s become the color of his aura; his power color. The bright green light, on the other hand, represents his will and passion to start again. He is essentially giving himself the green light to hop back on the race track. It can also symbolize the color of B.A.P and Babyz which is a light green. He seems to signal that he pays no mind to haters anymore. He will be himself and live his unapologetic truth.

The set goes for a rather minimalist look that allows the lighting to dictate changes ranging from an overall glow or having the lights off and let the lasers or digital screen literally shine. This setup allows the focus to be on Bang Yongguk and his snazzy car, riding around and happily running over his past self as he readies to move forward.

However, the body still talks, perhaps a warning that the past can be haunting and one needs to deal with it in a healthy way in order to truly be free.

Credit: Consent


Musically, it is a very intelligent and well-composed combination of dark hip-hop and rock with the soulful melody and low/high harmonies carrying the message of the lyrics. Bang Yongguk serves as the executive producer, having a hand in the arrangement, composition, and lyrics along with JUNIK, COUP D’ ETAT, and Mook.

The impressive electric guitar and drums performance keeps up with the power of Bang Yongguk. One can get lost in the intensity of the plucking of the guitar lying in wait, the sudden start of the drums increasing the energy, and the raw soaring singing shout that represents Bang Yongguk as an artist in bloom.

Bang Yongguk re-enters the show with a more positive free-flowing energy thanks to being in his own company, enabling him to enjoy more creative mobility, and having completed the grueling mandatory military service that is a point of concern for many fellow male artists. With his new found freedom and a consistent passion to fully live his destiny, you best place your bets on Bang Yongguk!

Credit: Consent

If you haven’t already, check out the video here!

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