Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

WATCH: Bang Yong Guk Is A Tormented Soul In New “Hikkikomori” MV

On January 20 6 p.m. KST, Bang Yong Guk unleashed a new track!

Hikikomori is a Japanese term used to describe a person who has withdrawn himself from society and the world. In an interview with KCrush, he explains that his new track, written and co-composed by him, is drawn from his own experience with loneliness and confusion.

Bang Yong Guk said that he tried to pour his emotions into the song so as to have it reflect his identity offstage, when he felt fear towards outsiders, as well as when he perceived the space he was in as both home and prison. The music video represents feelings he kept tucked away from the eyes of the public. It shows the troubled and tormented side of Bang Yong Guk.

Bang Yong Guk left B.A.P and TS Entertainment in August last year. His solo releases include the song “Portrait” and music videos for his tracks “Drunkeness” and “Yamazaki.”

Watch his new music video here below:

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