Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

WATCH: BAE173 Explores Duality In “Fifty-Fifty” MV

BAE173 is back with their fifth mini-album NEW CHAPTER : LUCEAT and the music video for the title track “Fifty-Fifty” on March 13th at 6 p.m. KST!

As the name of the album suggests, the title song marks a new chapter with a stronger image and musical color.

“Fifty-Fifty” has a dynamic and tense atmosphere while containing lyrics that explore moments of choice between opposites such as black or white, reality or dreams, and light or shadow. The music video also explores communication with someone else reflected in the mirror.

The title song was composed by Gabriel Brandes and Simon Janlöv. The Swedish producers have extensive K-pop and J-pop credits under their names and previously worked together on EXO Chen‘s Japanese single “My Sunshine.”

BAE173 members J-Min and Doha helped write the title track “Fifty-Fifty” alongside lyricist Jo Yoon Kyung. Also, both Doha and J-Min penned their self-written songs, “Crimson” and “You,” that are included NEW CHAPTER : LUCEAT‘s B-Side tracks.

Check out the MV for “Fifty-Fifty” below!

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