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WATCH: AlphaBAT Pours Out Their Heart In Emotional Ballad “AGAIN”


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The long-running boy group AlphaBAT is showing us a more mature side of themselves through their most recent comeback!

On February 11th, AlphaBAT dropped the music video for their heartfelt 90’s style R&B ballad “AGAIN,” the title track off the group’s new special mini-album Again.

The song was composed by RealBros, who K-pop fans might be familiar with as the brains behind the “Produce 101” season two hit final song “Always” (which AlphaBAT leader B:eta sang the guide for).

B:eta also worked as a producer on “AGAIN,” and all the members took part in the production of the album and even designed the concept for the comeback, as well as the music video.

Known for their powerful dance songs and high-energy performances, AlphaBAT took a different direction with this release, showcasing the group’s incredible vocal talents and luscious harmonies.

This comeback marks the group’s first release since member E:psilon (who is the older brother of TEEN TOP‘s Ricky) enlisted in the military.

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