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WATCH: AleXa Serves Up Spice With “Xtra” MV Featuring KARD’s BM

On June 1st at 12 p.m. KST, AleXa released her first single album along with a music video for the lead single, “Xtra.”

Written by AleXa, Hwang Sungjin, Jeon Haeseo, Cazzi Opeia, Eller Berg, and Moonshine, the song embodies someone who is fun, carefree, and completely unapologetic for having a personality that’s larger than life. It features bubblegum pop elements that dominated 2000s songs along with a music video that brings a heavy dose of nostalgia for simpler, happier times.

KARD‘s BM also stars in the music video, shown hanging out with the rest of his gang and going up against AleXa for a dance-off. He then gamely hypes her up when its her turn to show everyone what she’s got.

ReviveR is a two-track single album which features the B-side song called “Obsession” which was penned by Hwang Sungjin, Kim A-Young, and AleXa. According to ZB label Head Angelina Foss, “The ReviveR album name is a palindrome we intend to mean the beginning and also the end of AleXa’s journey. This album signals the connection between the end of human AleXa and the beginning of A.I. AleXa.”

“Xtra” marks the prelude of AleXa’s story and is set years before she escapes ZB Corp in her debut for “Bomb.” Fans can find hints of what her life was like before she got thrown into action through journal entries included exclusively in the release.

AleXa dropped her second EP titled DECOHERENCE in October last year before sharing the digital single “Never Let You Go” in January and a collaboration track called “Is It On” this May. Keep up with more of her activities through her official Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, and Facebook accounts!

Watch the music video here!

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