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WATCH: KARD Represents Passion In “Red Moon” MV

On February 12th at 6 p.m. KST, co-ed group KARD made their comeback with a new album and music video called “Red Moon”! The track boasts a mix of EDM, Moombahton, and trap with lyrics that delve into the feeling between two people who are undeniably drawn together by mutual attraction. Member BM, who will be […]Read More

WATCH: KARD’s BM Is A One-Man Party In Music Video For “Habanero”

On October 24th KST, KARD‘s BM thrills fans once again with the release of the fun music video for his recently unveiled track, “Habanero”! Written, composed, and produced by BM himself like his previous singles “Better Myself,” “BOY2MAN,” “BEASTMODE,” and more, he truly showcases his passion for music. The video features BM alternating between his […]Read More

WATCH: KARD Brings The House Down With “Dumb Litty” MV

On September 22nd KST, KARD released the music video for “Dumb Litty” ahead of its digital release! The trap-infused track has lyrics that encourage the listeners to shrug off their problems for a while and just be free. This is a song that was written, composed, and produced by member BM himself. While this isn’t […]Read More

WATCH: KARD Entices In Alluring MV For “Bomb Bomb”

KARD‘s new MV is here! On March 27th, KARD made their comeback with a newly released MV for “Bomb Bomb.” With a fierce concept and god-like visuals, no wonder the comeback is one many have anticipated. “Bomb Bomb” is the title track for the group’s fourth digital single release. Check out their new MV now […]Read More

LISTEN: KARD’s BM Gifts Fans With Self-Produced Tracks “BOY2MAN” And “BEASTMODE”

KARD’s BM has just released two new self-produced tracks called “BOY2MAN” and “BEASTMODE”! On February 6th, BM delighted eager fans by dropping the new music on his SoundCloud. “BOY2MAN” reflects the artist’s emotions and thoughts as he grows older. On the other hand, “BEASTMODE” expresses the feeling of being restricted and then finding freedom. BM […]Read More

10 Kpop Dances You Should Be Learning This Summer

Summer means we have more free time on our hand, and besides all that extra time to rest and relax, one of the best parts about summer is all the amazing Kpop bops that come out during the summer months! As such, what better way to celebrate Kpop’s newest hits than by learning the awesome […]Read More