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VIXX’s Ravi Drops Track List For “NIRVANA” Mixtape

UPDATED: VIXX‘s Ravi has released the track list for his upcoming mixtape, NIRVANA. The mixtape will include a total of seven tracks, all of which were co-composed/written and co-arranged by Ravi himself. Also of note is the fact that many famous artists will also feature on the album, including 15&‘s Park Jimin, Sik-K, and Microdot.

Check out the track list below to see the full details! Who’s excited for Ravi’s mixtape?

ORIGINAL: VIXX‘s Ravi is ready to drop his new mixtape!

The talented artist released new teaser images for his comeback with NIRVANA. The mixtape and music video is set to drop on January 22nd KST, making VIXX fans excited for the new release.

The announcement for his new mixtape coordinated with the images for the songs he previously released in November (“끓는점”) and December (“Alcohol”), so it seems that those songs will be included on the new mixtape.

In addition, Ravi will be holding a concert, entitled RAVI 2ND REAL-LIVE ‘NIRVANA’  on February 10th-11th in Seoul. Several artists will come as special guests, including Microdot, Sik-K, OLNL. ESBEE, CHOICHOA, and CRACK KIDZ.

Check out the new teasers below! Who’s excited for the return of Ravi?

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