Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

VIXX LR Is Ready For Autumn In New Issue Of CeCi Magazine

Following a successful comeback, VIXX LR took to the pages of CeCi Magazine to show off their fashionable side.

In the October issue of the magazine, Leo and Ravi are brooding and handsome as they hide in the shadows of the late afternoon sun. They show off stylish clothes that are perfect for the upcoming fall season, choosing sleek, minimalistic sweaters and slacks that are both chic and simple.

The duo spoke to CeCi about their recent comeback, saying how the spectrum of their music became even wider and that fans will be able to get new feelings from their songs. They cited this new vibe as a result of being more hands on with this album, explaining how they were able to choose their own direction and work specifically in the way they desired since they were the producers of this album.

They also commented that there is much more they desire to show fans and that they have a thirst to bring new music and sides to their unit. But perhaps what makes the duo so loveable is their humility— despite being experienced and popular idols for six years now, Ravi said he still faces every stage with a grateful heart and remembering the hard process that it took to get them there.

Check out some of the photos below, and pick up a new copy of CeCi to see the full photoshoot and interview!

Media: CeCi

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