Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

TST’s Junghoon Announces Departure From Group

On October 16th KST, TST (Top Secret) member Junghoon revealed in a post on Instagram that he has left the KJ Music Entertainment boy group.

In the heartfelt message, the rapper expressed thanks to fans for loving and supporting him as TST’s Junghoon. He then went on to relay his plans for a new chapter as Lee Junghoon. He apologized for not showing more sides of himself as a member of TST, but he declared he will show better sides of himself in the future. 

He also revealed that he is in a relationship and is trying to move forward with his girlfriend who has been a source of strength during this time. 

“Hello, I’m Junghoon. First of all, I would like to sincerely thank those who liked and loved Top Secret Junghoon. I’m going to make a new start as Lee Junghoon, not Top Secret’s Junghoon. I’m trying to move forward with my girlfriend, who has been a source of strength for me at a time when I’ve been wandering and anxious for the past time. I’m sorry that I can’t show you a better side of me as Top Secret’s Junghoon, and I’d like to thank everyone who has always supported me. I will do my best to show you many sides of me not only through YouTube but also as Lee Junghoon, so please support and watch my new start. Thank you.”
-Lee Junghoon (former TST member)

Junghoon has been communicating with fans through Instagram during the past months, following the unexpected passing of beloved TST member Yohan in June, which fans have noted undoubtedly affected the group. Currently, there has been no news in regards to any future plans of TST.

Junghoon debuted as the rapper of TST in 2017 with the mini-album Time’s Up. The group originally promoted under the name Top Secret before making the transition to the acronym TST in 2017.

It’s good to know that Junghoon has had the support of his girlfriend during these evidently hard times, and we hope both he and TST will have brighter days ahead. Although saddened by the news that he is leaving the group, we wish both Junghoon and TST all the best in their future endeavors! 

Justin is a K-pop fan from Australia who is passionate about shining a light on underrated and lesser known groups. As a lifelong lover of all styles of music, this deep-thinker is currently spending his time in lockdown getting acquainted with songs both new and old, creating the soundtrack to this season of spiritual and personal growth.

MEDIA: KJ Music Entertainment