Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

Topp Dogg Announces Name Changes For Group And Members

Topp Dogg has big news for their fans!

On February 21st, the group made a special announcement on their fan cafe to inform fans they were changing their name. Instead of Topp Dogg, they will now be known as XENO-T (pronounced as “zenouti”). The new name comes from the words “xenogeneic” and “top-class” (a special salute to their fandom known as TopKlass).

In addition, they also announced that B-Joo, who gained more popularity with his appearance on “The Unit,” would be changing his spelling to B-Jyoo. Meanwhile, Yano will now promote under Sangwon, his birth name.

The label said that the five current members will be starting fresh with this new name. There is no word on the status of A-Tom, also known by his real name Kim Sang Gyun, who is currently promoting as a member of the temporary “Produce 101” group JBJ. However, back in September 2017, members HansolP-Goon, and Nakta left the group. At that same time, Hunus Entertainment updated fans on A-Tom, stating that once JBJ’s activities were over, he would return to the label and his position with Topp Dogg would be discussed then.

In the meantime, the group will be preparing for a comeback as XENO-T.

Check out their new logo, then let us know what you think of the news!

Media: Hunus Entertainment

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