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Songs Just For YOU: 7 K-pop Songs To Confess Your Love


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Today is Valentine’s Day! It is a day full of love, which makes it the perfect time to confess your love to someone. As our own Valentine’s Day gift to you, check out the confession songs below to help you out in your own love life!

GOT7’s “Confession Song”

As seen in the music video, the group is helping students confess their feelings to someone they’ve liked for a long time. GOT7 helps out by serenading them with a sweet song as we all witnessed a very touching moment of their successful, nerve-wrecking confession.


We all know that just thinking about confessing to someone you like will make you really nervous! That’s why this song is perfect due to its relatable lyrics, ” Just like this song it says from the lyrics: “Even if my lips are dry, I need to say this baby. I adore you, I adore you, enough to get dizzy.” Yes, it’s nerve wrecking to confess, but sometimes no matter happens, you just really need to say it!

ASTRO’s “Confession”

The lyrics from the songs serves as the message from a guy who wants to confess to the girl he likes. It’s an indication how much he loves her and that he will care for her and not let her cry. It states, “I’ll warm up (I’ll take courage and confess) your hand from this sudden cold. (Will you accept me?) With all my heart, I’ll blow hot air on them. Wanna be mine forever? Because you believed in me, I’ll promise you, I like you, can you hear my heart?

TWICE’s “Heart Shaker”

I won’t just wait around like a fool. I wanna tell you that I’m into you. That I like you, That I miss you all day. Would you be my love? Because I fell for you.” This song talks about how a girl feels about someone she likes and how she really wants to tell him how much she loves him, although she doesn’t know the right words to say. However, why wait a long time just to confess if you already fallen in love, right?

SHINee’s “Hello”

Sometimes we seek advice from people we know, but there are times that it is better not to since all the different responses we receive can just make us confused about what to do. “Should I confront you, should I wait for you? It’s harder when everyone else says something different [You can’t believe it right?] Having high standards, this isn’t a usual thing for me, please believe in me yeah.” Just follow your heart when it comes to love! Hwaiting!

EXO-CBX’s “Blooming Day”

So baby, can I be your boyfriend, can I? I want to show you a world you’ve never seen. So baby, can I be your boyfriend, can I? If you want, I want to give you everything.” This song is about a guy confessing to a girl he likes and telling her how he was captivated by her charms that made him fall head over heels for her. Just like a flower blooming, this song is about the love that comes blooming inside you.

WINNER’s “Really Really”

Where are you? At home? If you’re not busy, come out. I’m in front of your house, wanna tell you something. Don’t know how to say it but it’s nothing weird, no pressure.” The song is very addicting, indeed. With its cool beat, some people might not have paid much attention to the words. However, it’s about a guy trying to confess his feelings and show how serious he is. He “really really” loves her and makes sure to repeat it often in order to convince her of his love.

Which of these songs do you like best? Make sure to let us know by tweeting to us @whatthekpop1! In the meantime, we wish you all a happy Valentine’s Day and the best of both love and friendship now and in the days ahead!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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