6 Things Only A K-pop Fan Can Understand

There are so many great things about being a K-pop fan! From an amazing sense of belonging when you are part of a global fandom to the feeling of pride you get when you watch your ultimate bias group win their first award, there are unique things that it seems only a K-pop fan can […]Read More

5 Second-Lead Couples We Want To Be The Next Main Lead

The lead actors are usually the ones who take the spotlight when it comes to romantic K-dramas and films, but sometimes, second-lead roles catch the viewers’ attention and become just as popular as the main leads. This especially happens when it comes to second-lead couples! As such, we’ve put together a list of five second-lead […]Read More

8 Of The Most Amazing EXO Music Videos

EXO not only has beautiful songs, but they also excel with great music videos! One of the most highly-anticipated things for fans, aside from a song release, is a music video drop! Companies spend a huge amount of money for the production of videos, and a lot of effort is given to complete the different […]Read More

Songs Just For YOU: 7 K-pop Songs To Confess Your Love

Today is Valentine’s Day! It is a day full of love, which makes it the perfect time to confess your love to someone. As our own Valentine’s Day gift to you, check out the confession songs below to help you out in your own love life! GOT7’s “Confession Song” As seen in the music video, […]Read More

Songs Just For YOU: 7 Amazing Songs From EXO’s Chen

No matter what kind of music you enjoy in the K-pop world, you have to admit that Kim Jongdae, otherwise knows as EXO’s Chen, has one of the best voices currently in the K-pop industry. He is not just a main vocalist for his famous group, but he also made a name for himself by […]Read More

Songs Just For YOU: Taeyeon Edition (Birthday Special)

This edition of “Songs Just For YOU” is dedicated to the lovely Taeyeon of SNSD! March 9th marks her birthday, so we hope she enjoy her special day! Kim Taeyeon first became known as a member and the leader of the legendary girl group Girls’ Generation (SNSD). She is also known for her strong vocals, beautiful visuals, […]Read More

14 K-pop Songs You Should Listen To This Valentine’s Day

Since it’s February, many people around the globe are thinking of love! To get you in a romantic mood, here are 14 K-pop songs you should listen to this Valentine’s Day! Get ready to let your hearts overflow with love with these charming and lovely songs! 1. “Dream” by Suzy and Baekhyun This song is […]Read More

Songs Just For YOU: ARMY Edition

For the previous edition of “Songs Just For YOU,” we featured EXO songs dedicated to their fans, EXO-Ls. Now, this edition will be all about songs that would probably make a BTS fan (better known as ARMY) cry with emotion or sigh with delight! Even though BTS is known as a hip-hop group and are recognized to have a very strong […]Read More

Songs Just For YOU: EXO-L Edition

EXO may be known for their fast-paced, dance songs and fun, upbeat tracks, but fans know their best music often comes in the form of their many gorgeous ballads or slower tracks. With some of the best vocals in the K-pop business, EXO is perfect in emotional tracks that allow their voices to shine as […]Read More

5 Foods We Crave Every Time We Watch K-Dramas

Seeing someone eating something delicious can really make the cravings hit hard, right? Watching K-dramas or K-films while the characters are eating is no exception and often leaves us wanting to pig out on what the onscreen characters are enjoying too. Here’s five things we always crave whenever we watch our favorite Korean dramas or […]Read More