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May 24th, 2012— six years ago today— Jellyfish Entertainment‘s first male idol-group, VIXX, released their debut music video! Starlights (VIXX’s fandom) have many reasons to love the members of VIXX! But in order to celebrate the group’s sixth anniversary in style, let’s go through six reasons to love the six members of VIXX!

 N (Cha Hakyeon)

1- His responsibility as a leader
Having a strong sense of responsibility and attention to detail are important traits to becoming a band leader. Considering N covers all of these bases (and, funnily enough, told Jellyfish Entertainment he was the leader even before VIXX was a band yet), he makes a great leader.

2- His incredible dance skills/choreography/contemporary style
N has wowed fans and onlookers alike with his unique contemporary dancing both within his solo performances, as well as in VIXX comebacks (noteably in “Shangri-La”). His choreography has been showcased during VIXX’s concert performances, the chorus in their track “G.R.8.U,” and new group MYTEEN’s “Take it Out.”

3- His sassiness
N has always been known for his sassy quips and hand-smacking, motherly personality. This is perhaps shown the most with his own band members and within his distinct choreography.

4- His variety sense
Not only has N hosted various programs, but he was also a full-time radio DJ in the past for “VIXX N Kpop.” On top of this, N has been a regular on various talk-show and variety programs over the years, as well as having shown his acting skills in eight dramas. His comments and wit seem to be a perfect match for variety programs.

5- His INTENSE love for his band members
To say “motherly” would almost be an understatement for this leader who takes his job too seriously. The other five members of VIXX can feel the love of of their leader on a regular basis, sometimes in a play-violent manner.

6- His killing parts/charisma
This dancer has a sense of expression, body position, and camera awareness that leads him to create amazing moments onstage for fans to enjoy. Since the song “Chained Up,” fans have come to expect N’s distinct “killing part” in each song where he easily kills them with a perfect stare or smile.


Leo (Jung Taekwoon)

1- His sweet voice
Leo is certainly a quiet soul, and his voice matches his personality to a T. It is soft and sweet and calming, but he can easily belt out the intense notes that are required.

2- His shyness
Since VIXX’s debut back in 2012, Leo was always known as the incredibly camera shy one. Due to this shyness (that he has since overcome for the most part), he was often known as having no personality. But the fandom knows well that there is a lot more underneath those hands covering his face from embarrassment.

3- His bright smile
When Leo finds something particularly funny (usually it’s Ken doing something dumb), he can’t help but smile, even if he tried to hide it. In recent years, Leo has been much more open to showing his true self and the incredibly bright smile that comes along with it.

4- His piercing stare
On the other hand, Leo also gets frustrated and riled up easily (usually because of the intense love N shows him daily). N is perhaps the number one victim of Leo’s distinct “don’t mess with me” stare, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

5- His secret love for his members
Perhaps a little quiet and brooding, Leo is also an incredibly loving human being. Leo often shows (albeit in small ways) the care he has towards those five members that have been with him all these years.

6- Activity in plays
Thanks to his love for singing, performing, and music, Leo was able to pursue theatrical performing in plays and Broadway-style events. This was something that he admitted in the past has helped him open up and meet many amazing people.

3- Ravi (Kim Wonshik)

1- His deep voice
That deep voice is enough to give anyone shivers, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Ravi is often heard starting VIXX tracks off with poetic lines and conglomerations of English that certainly set the feeling for the oncoming song.

2- His amazing raps
Ravi’s rap style has a flow unlike any other, and it certainly creates unique rap verses that are hard to copy.

3- His composition skills

Ravi has a very successful solo rap career with many notable artists featuring for him and holding his own sold-out concerts to boot. He has also written loads of music for VIXX’s albums (and the subgroup VIXX LR), as well for other artists outside of his group/company.

4- His sexuality
The rapper has always been pretty open about less-than-safe-for-work topics within his music lyrics and rap verses. Often times, they are disguised in artful ways, but they are there nonetheless, and fans wouldn’t have it any other way.

5- His hot body
Ravi has always taken care of his health and body. Standing as one of the tallest members (in an already incredibly tall band with a 6′ height (183cm) average, Ravi also has an extremely built body that he often shows off for the fans.

6- His secretly cute demeanor
Despite the manly traits of the rapper, Ravi has had many cute moments. Whether playing along with his members, flustered by an interview question, or laughing in his own cute way at a joke someone made, Ravi can be incredibly adorable at time.

4- Ken (Lee Jaehwan)

1- His other-worldly vocals
Talk about insane vocals! Ken is known for his distinct voice and just how well he can control it. Not only does he share equal parts with Leo when it comes to singing on VIXX tracks, he can also hold his own with high notes and complicated riffs.

2- His funny/4D personality
Ken never ceases to show off his unique and hilarious personality. Whether making jokes, yelling in a funny voice, or doing impressions, he never fails to be an entertaining “4D” person.

3- His inside jokes/sayings
Over the years (and especially so through their “VIXX TV” series), Ken has been the mastermind behind many notable moments (singing “On and On” in different styles), catchphrases (Ottokaji, I’m Tom Yo!), and inside jokes (I am Ken-yonce!).

4- His high notes
Ken often reaches near dolphin level during high note battles, and it’s always both impressive and hilarious.

5- His animal impressions
Speaking of his incredibly high notes, Ken is also known to have a spot-on impression of a Pteradactyl, along with various other animals (small dog, big dog, mosquito, etc.) He often pulls these impressions out on shows in order to get a laugh or two.

6- His activity on singing shows
Ken became more known throughout Korea after becoming a regular member on various singing programs like “Duet Song Festival” and “Perfect Singer.” Add a few appearances on “Hidden vs Hidden,” “King of Masked Singer,” and “Go Till The End,” and you’ve got plenty of vocal showcasing moments.

5- Hongbin (Lee Hongbin)

1- His visuals
Hongbin is the member in charge of visuals, and it’s not for just any reason. Boasting an incredible, naturally well-structured face, gorgeous skin, and a rocking body, he has been lighting up the stage and TV since the beginning of VIXX.

2- His acting
Hongbin is incredibly active within the drama community. He has shown off his amazing acting skills through both supporting and main roles in four different dramas.

3- His second-hand embarrassment
Hongbin loves his band members, that’s for sure. However, they also embarass him to no end. Whether N is doing a girl-group dance cover, Ken just made a dumb joke, or Leo is struggling to squeeze out his aegyo for the fans, Hongbin is always seen in the background cringing and covering his face from seeing anything further.

4- His love for gaming
Among idols that are also avid gamers, Hongbin is known as the “Hanzo King.” This is due to his incredible skill playing as the character Hanzo from the game Overwatch. However, Hongbin has mentioned his love for gaming on various occasions, and not just for Overwatch. He even got to show off a little during a recorded gaming battle program between three members of VIXX and three members of B.A.P a few years ago.

5- His strong/joking personality
Perhaps a little rough around the edges, Hongbin is known to mess with his hyungs every now and then. He makes expressions, little quips, and even insults; but it’s all in a way that is cloaked in obvious love for his band.

6- “Artwork”
Back in the early days of VIXX and “VIXX TV”, Ravi made a joking claim that Hongbin was a piece of artwork he had created in reference to Hongbin’s gorgeous looks. Hongbin would stand still whenever Ravi was on VIXX TV, as if a statue. The joke continued for a while, even leading to a Hongbin-only spin-off of VIXX TV called Artwork TV.

6- Hyuk (Han Sanghyuk)

Being the youngest member, it took a while for Hyuk to be able to truly show off his endless supply of talent. Not only has he been gaining more and more lines during songs in order to show off his steady vocals, but Hyuk has been regularly leading dance breaks with his incredible dancing.

2- His “glow-up-ness”
It seems like Hyuk grows up and becomes even more handsome each time a new music video is released. This has begun hilariously messing with fans who refuse to fall for the now manly and charismatic maknae. People have even made online memes comparing Hyuk from VIXX’s first song “Super Hero” and the most recent comebacks.

3- His dancing skills
Within the last two years or so, Hyuk has been more active in the dance community and has been posting choreography videos online. The distinct hip-hop dance style he does is popular and boy, does he do it well.

4- His funny moments
Hyuk definitely has his unexpected funny moments, usually at the times you least expect it. The older five members of VIXX once drove away and left him alone at a gas station as a joke to which he screamed and made a funny moment out of it.

5- Thighs
Speaking of “Glow-up,” over the years, Hyuk has been gaining muscle. In fact, it seems the dancer has gained the most muscle in his legs. His whole body shape is beautiful, but Hyuk has become known for his thicker thighs rather than the skinny legs that many idols have.

6- Power maknae/jack-of-all-trades
Perhaps Hyuk is the youngest, but that doesn’t hold him back for being the most well-rounded member in many aspects of being an idol. Having taken on the title “power maknae” that very few have been given, Hyuk is good at singing, dancing, acting (he was recently in a big-time movie), having beautiful visuals, great variety sense, and even has a funny and well-mannered personality.

Perhaps the one thing all VIXX members share equally is their undying love for their fandom, Starlights! Leo, Hyuk, and Ken have been seen in interviews and regularly posting on social media about how proud they are of their fans and how much they love them and the support they are given.

Congratulations on six years with VIXX! Here’s to six more!

CaptainMal has been into Korean Entertainment for seven years now, since 2010. She travels to conventions in her area, showcasing her “Kpop Game Show’” and occasional Kpop cosplay. Although her favorite bands are Infinite, Super Junior, and VIXX, she boasts love for a huge variety of artists. Other than Kpop, CaptainMal loves Disney, 80’s rock, Daft Punk, Gaming, and Orange Juice.

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