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Our Top 5 Episodes From “2 Days & 1 Night: Season 3”

2 Days & 1 Night (also stylized as 2D1N) is a variety show that has been broadcasted in Korea since 2007. The current members on the show are Kim Jongmin, Cha Taehyun, Kim Junho, Defconn, Yoon Shiyoon, and Jung Joonyoung. Because of the success of season three, this popular show was able to continue and keep Happy Sunday running on KBS2! Because of this, we chose some of our favorite episodes from this current season! Check it out below (remember all episodes listed are for the long-running season three). Are you a 2D1N fan?

1) Episodes 10-11: The Seollal in Seoul

These episodes are focused on the history and changes Seoul has faced in the last century and includes going to different parts around the city. It is a very historical and emotional episode as, towards the end, they screen pictures of the members’ families in the locations they visited that day! Each member sheds tears as they reminisce about the past. Veteran member Jongmin had taken a picture (without knowing) in the same spot his late father had taken. This episode gave a look at the personal life of the members that fans don’t really get to see often.

2) Episodes 18-19: Quit Smoking Project

During this episode, the members have to face a huge obstacle! They are taken to an island— a non-smoking island! At the beginning of the episode, they are given a lung test to see how the cigarettes have affected their lungs. Although they tried to make jokes out of smoking by hiding cigarettes, asking for people to smell their clothes, and even running and looking around for places to smoke, the staff wanted the members to give a shot at not smoking. By the end of the episode, and two hours of food, sports, and emotionally distraught members, the cast all said they were happy. For some it was their longest time without smoking! Overall, the episode tried hard to promote the health of the members and make them better!


3) Episodes 123-125: Spring Trip, Boryeong

After member Joohyuk left halfway through season 3 (after 2 years of working on the show), they soon had to find another members with equal chemistry and variety talent to fill in the missing spot on the show! Siyoon, known for his work in dramas like “King of Baking, Kim Takgu” and “Flower Boy Next Door”, showcased himself as the new surprise member on the show! During the show they got to meet Siyoon, pack for him in under ten minutes, basically dressing him up in whatever they wanted, played games to know his strengths and weaknesses, and really got a feel for each other. Right off the bat, a 19+ joke was made, and fans could already see their budding chemistry!


4) Episodes 138-140: Travel with Your Friends

In this episode, we start off with a great view… and by a great view, I mean the well-known actor Park Bo Gum! This episode turned out to be 2D1N highest-rated episode in two years! Kim Junhyeon also starred as a guest as well. The episode starts off strong when the members have to play a game that includes taking off their shirts. Park Bo Gum later shows off his inner dork when dancing with the rest of the members. The day goes on as they play games, eat, and travel! Bo Gum comes off as a very honest and sincere variety show participant. With his alluring smile, Bo Gum is even able to make Jongmin (who is afraid of height) go on a bungee jumping ride! This episode went on for the span of 3 weeks, and if you are a fan of Bo Gum, you do not want to miss this special— especially when the members catch him right out of the shower!


5) Episodes 93-95: We Can See Korea Trip

During this trip, the members were surprised with a treasure hunt which leads to their guests of the week. During this special, they brought guests that are not Korean, but that speak Korean and just want to know more about the land in which they are living. The guests include Super Junior M member Henry Lau, g.o.d member Joon Park, solo singer John Park, and actor Ryohei Otani. After visiting a historical village, they went to play traditional, Korean games. After a starving battle for some teams, they played games based on “Family Arcade.” They end the night with some pranks on members while they sleep. This was definitely an episode to show some of the cultural aspects of Korea, in addition to providing lots of laughs!

Although there were three years of episodes to choose from, these were some of the ones that stood out the most. They were full of lessons, games, starvation, and just full-out variety entertainment! It is interesting to see how the show progresses throughout the season, and we can’t wait to see what else is in store for the rest of the season three!

You can watch 2 Days & 1 Night, complete with subtitles, on KBS World TV on YouTube every Sunday!

Is there an episode or a moment you think we left out? What about a special guest you want to see? Let us know in the comments below!

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