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MYNAME’s JunQ To Enlist In The Military This Month


June 15, 2020 , , , ,

MYNAME main rapper JunQ is set to enlist on June 22nd KST!

His enlistment comes just a week after the news that youngest member Chaejin will be starting his military duties in July. JunQ will receive basic military training and serve as an active-duty solider, taking to Instagram on June 15th to comment on the news and give a message for fans.

The rapper and vocalist stated he has been thinking about his future activities and feels sorry to fans for not communicating with them more. He assures them he will show many good things from now on, and ends the letter with the request to “Please continue to support us!” before declaring his love to the fans.

Debuting in the entertainment industry in 2011 through MYNAME’s digital single “Message,” JunQ has contributed to many of the group’s lyrics. He even released his own self-written and co-composed song “Firenze” in November 2019.

In December, he began personal activities after the group terminated their exclusive contract with company H2 Media, expanding his career as an actor by appearing in various plays and movies. 

We wish JunQ a safe and successful completion of his military duties!

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