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Monsta X’s Jooheon Releases New Tracks On Sound Cloud

Are you ready to add another artist to your Sound Cloud playlist? Well, Monsta X‘s Jooheon  just opened up  a Sound Cloud account!

On March 18th, 2017, Jooheon’s created his Sound Cloud under the username 주 honey— translating to “Joo Honey,” a cute play on his name!

While the username may be fitting in terms of his infamous aegyo, it may be pushing it to say it describes Jooheon’s rap style! He puts on a whole new persona when he raps. To fans, seeing Jooheon rap in Monsta X, on “Show Me The Money,” or even just for his mixtapes, may be very different than his personality, but it’s something that makes him all the more endearing to fans!

On his account, Jooheon released two new tracks under his new mixtape Out Of Control. The first track, “OMG (Yellow Lambo)” is a fast-tempo rap track. The song showcases his eccentric style and hard electronic influence.

The second song, “Rhythm,” is almost completely different stylistically. The song starts slowly, with a guitar-based melody which allows for a groovy feel that any fan would love!

His last official mixtape was released in 2015, and because of the long wait, it seems like fans were really excited to finally see new work from him!

These are the first two songs posted for his new mixtape. Now with his account open, many Monbebes hope to hear more songs from him in the near future!

If you are interested in his new profile and songs, check them out below!


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