Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

MAMAMOO And GFRIEND Release Poster for “Showtime”

The newest season of “Showtime” will soon be airing, but this time it will focus on two popular groups instead of one!

MAMAMOO x GFRIEND are the new stars of this season and and will show off their charms when the series starts airing on July 7th on MBC. 

The show has had great success in the past as it followed some of K-pop’s hottest groups around on their daily routines of life. EXO, BEAST, EXID and others have all participated. The fact that MAMAMOO and GFRIEND are the new stars of this season show how popular they have become in K-pop in such a short amount of time.

Who will be tuning in to see these two adorable girl groups on Showtime?

Photo Credit: MBC

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