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Watch: Taemin, Hoya, Hyoyeon and Shownu Perform On Latest Episode of Hit The Stage

Hit The Stage is a new show on Mnet and has already gained a lot of attention with it’s debut episode.

The show invites celebrity dancers to come compete against each other to prove who is the real dancing machine in K-pop. They also provide different dancers and dance crews that the idols can include in their performances. The show is unique because it allows these idols to shine in what they do best- dancing. Whereas we are accustomed to seeing them do choreographed pieces with their entire group, on this show the idols can choose to do modern dance, interpretive dance, etc. They are in charge of everything from music to choreography, so we see their real personalities shine through. By performing more artistic pieces on solo stages, we are also able to see the true dance talent that each idol has.

Each episode has a theme for the performances. The theme they started out with last episode was “Devils.” This lead to some innovative and amazing performances by Ten of NCT as the devil, U-Kwon of Block B as the Joker, Momo of TWICE as a vampire, and Bora of Sistar as a witch.

In this episode however, we finally got to see the performances of several idols we have been waiting for… Taemin of SHINee , Hyoyeon of SNSD , Hoya of INFINITE, and Shownu of Monsta X. In addition, a winner was finally crowned for the first theme. This will be listed at the bottom of the article, so please beware of spoilers.

Continuing the Devils theme, each dancer performed an artistic dance piece complete with costumes and staging. You can check out the new performances below, along with their intended concepts for the dance.

Taemin- Waking Up The Devils Inside

Hyoyeon – Birth of a Femme Fatale (Chicago)

Hoya – Joker Ho’s Counterattack (Suicide Squad)

Shownu – Shownu’s Nightmare

After all the amazing performances in the last episode and now in this episode, the winner was finally chosen for the first theme of Devils. The person chosen for best choreography and for best embodying the theme with their dance was (drumroll, please!) Taemin of SHINee! As he is known for being one of the all-time best, if not the very best, dancers in K-pop, it should come as no surprise that he managed to snag the first trophy of the season.

What do you think of the performances? What was your favorite performance this episode? Do you think Taemin deserved first place? Let us know in the comments below!

Media: Mnet

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