Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

Lee Sung Kyung Shows Off Her Lovely Voice In ”About Time” Teaser

Great news Lee Sung Kyung fans!

Lee Sung Kyung will be returning to drama land with a new romance-fantasy drama alongside Lee Sang Yoon.

“About Time’’ follows the story of a musical actress named Choi Michaela who can see other people’s lifespan. One day, she meets Lee Do Ha, a man who has the ability to stop time. Together with their unique gifts, they begin a journey where they fall in love.

The drama will take over every Monday and Tuesday slot currently occupied by “A Poem A Day’’ on tvN. “About Time’’ premiers on May 21st KST.

In the new teaser released, the lovely actress shows off her voice as she reads through a piece of music. The star is also known for her beautiful voice and strong vocal skills, so fans can look forward to her using them in this new drama.

Who’s excited for Lee Sung Kyung’s new drama?

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