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LABOUM Continues To Tease Fans With Mysterious Image


December 29, 2017 , ,

UPDATED: LABOUM has dropped another teaser! The new image shows a blurry shot of one of the members sitting in what looks to be the same window seat from the first teaser image. As before, the image simply teases that something is “Coming Soon.” Check it out below! What do you think?

ORIGINAL: It looks like LABOUM has something special in store for fans!

On December 28th, the girl group revealed a mysterious teaser image, making their fans wonder just what the group has in store. The image shows a retro telephone sitting on a counter. The phone is red and blue with the Pepsi logo. Meanwhile, the image simply reads “Coming Soon” and January 2nd, 2018.

With the date only a few days away, fans are unsure if a surprise single will be released or if a full comeback will be announced on that day.

Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available!

What do you think about the mysterious teaser? Check it out below!

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