Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

JBJ Sells Out First Solo Concert In Less Than One Minute

JBJ continues to prove their popularity!

The new boy group, formed from trainees who appeared on the second season of the hit show “Produce 101,” recently announced they would be holding their first solo concert over two nights in Seoul. For a group that just debuted in October 2017, the announcement proved how great the demand is for JBJ since most rookie groups aren’t able to begin holding solo concerts so soon after their debut.

However, once tickets went on sale for the event, their popularity was proven even more! In less than one minute, all 7,000 seats for the shows were sold out. A representative for the group said that when the tickets went on sale, they were “immediately sold out,” surprising fans with just how quickly seats were snapped up.

JBJ’s concerts will be held on February 3rd – 4th at the famous hall of the Seoul Olympic Park.

Congratulations to JBJ on this amazing achievement!

Media: FAVE Entertainment
Source: TV Report

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