Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

K-FOOD: Learn To Make Tteok-Bokki With Singer Eric Nam

Eric Nam, the popular singer-songwriter, host, and YouTube creator, is finally back with a new recipe for his cooking corner NAM NOMS!

A year after his first NAM NOMS video, Eric is back to teach people how to make one of the most famous (and most delicious) Korean snack foods: tteok-bokki (known as 떡볶이 in the Korean language and also stylized as tteokbokki in English).

Tteokbokki means stir-fried rice cake and has become famous as a Korean street food. The most common kind of tteokbokki is made up of chewy rice cakes and a fiery gochujang sauce that has a hint of sweetness as well. Most recipes for gochujang-based tteokbokki include ingredients such as fish cakes, boiled eggs, and scallions. However, there are also a variety of recipes, as well as different types of tteokbokki dishes which include a multitude of sauces and ingredients. These range from cream sauce, soy sauce, jajjang sauce and more to seafood or galbi tteokbokki.

Learn more about this traditional Korean dish as Eric Nam shares his own recipe and way of making tteokbokki that will have you making this yummy food in no time!

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Media: Eric Nam (NAM NOMS)