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Korean Words Every K-pop Fan Should Know

Fans don’t need to know Korean to enjoy K-pop, but it’s worth learning! Before we start our list of word every K-pop fan should know, let’s look back at some facts. Korean Pop Culture has become immensely popular around the globe in the last decade, and that’s the reason many fans have become interested in […]Read More

6 Things Only A K-pop Fan Can Understand

There are so many great things about being a K-pop fan! From an amazing sense of belonging when you are part of a global fandom to the feeling of pride you get when you watch your ultimate bias group win their first award, there are unique things that it seems only a K-pop fan can […]Read More

The Unique Way Koreans Celebrate Valentine’s Day, White Day, And Black Day

All people from Western cultures know about Valentine’s Day, but in Korea, they celebrate three very distinct holidays with their own traditions. Apart from Valentine’s, the country also celebrates White Day and Black Day. But what are these holidays and why do Koreans celebrate them? Read below to find out! With Korea being a very […]Read More

K-Culture Special: Traditional Korean Games For Lunar New Year

*This article was originally published for Lunar New Year 2017. As previously discussed in Part 1 and Part 2 of our “Seollall Series,” the Lunar New Year, known to Koreans as “Seollal,” is an important time of traditions and rich history. Apart from cultural customs and delicious foods, families use the holiday to spend time […]Read More

K-Culture Special: The Beautiful And Traditional Foods Of “Seollal”

*This article was originally published for Lunar New Year 2017. In part one of our “Seollal” series, we talked about the significance behind the Korean New Year. It follows the Lunar schedule and is celebrated in similar ways to the Chinese New Year. Make sure to check out that article first to understand what the […]Read More

WANNA ONE Announces World Tour In Asia, Australia, And U.S.

Amazing news for Wannable! On April 2nd KST, Wanna One announced a world tour via their official fan cafe. The famous group will be making stops in Australia, Asia, and the U.S. When the news was revealed, fans were ecstatic to hear and quickly begin sharing their excitement on SNS. While the tour dates have not […]Read More

Joan Kim And CoCoSoRi’s Coco Take On The Style Swap Challenge

Klife YouTubers Joan Kim and CoCoSoRi‘s Coco swapped wardrobes in a new segment. Joan Kim and Coco of CoCoSoRi recently collaborated for two videos where they took on the style swap challenge. Coco tends to upload vlogs, but decided to join Joan for a fun outfit switch! Viewers can see Joan tends to go toward dark […]Read More

Megan Bowen Shares Some Misunderstandings Foreigners Have Faced In Korea

K-life YouTuber Megan Bowen has uploaded a new video on misunderstandings made about foreigners in Korea. In a past video, Megan Bowen talked about what some foreigners have misunderstood about Koreans and decided to do a view from the opposite viewpoint— what foreigners have been misunderstood about by Koreans! Previously known as Chonunmigooksaram (저는미국사람), Megan Bowen […]Read More