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Asking for a person’s name, age, height, occupation, or hobbies is a casual way to know someone better and to gauge a degree of compatibility.

In Korea, inquiring about each other’s blood type is part of people’s culture. Even though there’s no official science behind it, a person’s blood type is said to be connected to their personality. As such, this is usually considered a stepping-stone in forming an initial opinion of someone. In fact, it’s not unusual to see celebrities themselves asking for each other’s blood types while on variety shows and more.


People with blood type A are described to be friendly and sensitive. They are said to be interested in exploring the world but tend to shun crowded places, opting to stay where they are to avoid getting overwhelmed.

Type A persons are presumably delicate enough that they always react to small changes and know how to keep their feelings hidden until they finally gain their confidence.

K-pop idols with this blood type are BTS Jungkook, GOT7‘s Mark, EXO‘s D.O., and SEVENTEEN‘s Wonwoo.

Credit: JYP Entertainment
Credit: SM Entertainment


B types are seen as friendly people who go with the flow. They are reputedly mood-setters and tend to talk to strangers confidently. They are also seen to be attentive to movements that increase their curiosity. It’s said they can also be preoccupied with enjoying their life and not quite ready for commitments.

Idols that are Type B are SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan, DAY6‘s Jae, BIGBANG‘s TOP, and SNSD‘s Sunny.

Credit: JYP Entertainment
Credit: SM Entertainment


People with this blood type are believed to have a two-sided personality because they are a combination of Type A and Type B. They are rumored to change their moods frequently and are logical thinkers. It is said that one can’t quite read their faces, so it can be difficult to know what’s going on inside their minds.

SNSD’s Hyoyeon, FT ISLAND‘s HONGKI, and Super Junior‘s Heechul and Yesung are some examples of Type AB celebrities.

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Credit: FNC Entertainment


In the medical field, the blood type O is called “the universal donor.” Along those same lines, people with this blood type are rumored to have the capacity to adjust to any situation.

Type O’s are allegedly the ones who tend to act as leaders, exhibiting good control over their emotions and doing a lot of careful thinking before executing plans. These people supposedly give their best every time, but they are afraid of rejections and failures.

K-pop idols that are type O include TWICE‘s Jihyo, Red Velvet‘s Wendy, and BTS’ Jin, and Suga.

Credit: JYP Entertainment
Credit: BigHit Entertainment

In Korea, as well as in other parts of Asia, matching blood types is a curiosity in which people indulge. For those unfamiliar with the practice, however, learning about people’s personalities based on their blood types may seem very different indeed. However, many people find it a fun way to interact with their friends and others in order to gauge their characteristics and personalities or even just to learn more about new people they meet. Do you believe in this practice? Is there any fascinating tidbit you would like to share from your own culture?

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