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The Unique Way Koreans Celebrate Valentine’s Day, White Day, And Black Day

All people from Western cultures know about Valentine’s Day, but in Korea, they celebrate three very distinct holidays with their own traditions. Apart from Valentine’s, the country also celebrates White Day and Black Day. But what are these holidays and why do Koreans celebrate them? Read below to find out! With Korea being a very […]Read More

K-Culture Special: Traditional Korean Games For Lunar New Year

*This article was originally published for Lunar New Year 2017. As previously discussed in Part 1 and Part 2 of our “Seollall Series,” the Lunar New Year, known to Koreans as “Seollal,” is an important time of traditions and rich history. Apart from cultural customs and delicious foods, families use the holiday to spend time […]Read More

K-Culture Special: The Beautiful And Traditional Foods Of “Seollal”

*This article was originally published for Lunar New Year 2017. In part one of our “Seollal” series, we talked about the significance behind the Korean New Year. It follows the Lunar schedule and is celebrated in similar ways to the Chinese New Year. Make sure to check out that article first to understand what the […]Read More

K-Culture Special: Celebrating The Korean New Year “Seollal”

*This article was originally published for Lunar New Year 2017. Seollal (설날) is Korea’s New Year— a culturally significant holiday that occurs on the second new moon following the winter solstice. This year, it occurs on January 25th! In this K-culture series, we’re going to be talking about the special holiday and how Korean celebrate […]Read More

Chuseok Special: How Koreans Celebrate This Important Holiday

Chuseok is known as Korea’s Thanksgiving Day and is one of the biggest and most important holidays in Korea! This year, Chuseok holiday starts on September 23rd and ends on September 25th, with the main day being celebrated on the 24th. Many Koreans visit their hometowns to spend time with their families and give thanks to their ancestors by […]Read More

7 Random Facts About Korea (That Might Surprise You)

South Korea is a wonderful place with a rich history and amazing culture that goes way beyond Kpop and great food! Read on to find out seven random facts about this amazing place— some of which may surprise you! Panamami started listening to Kpop and watching Kdramas in early Feb 2015. She finally succeeded in getting […]Read More