Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

iKON Reveals Which Two Variety Shows They Want To Appear On

iKON has revealed which variety shows they want to appear on!

In a live chat with fans on V Live, one fan asked which variety shows they would like to film. But if you were expecting them to name top-rated shows like “Infinite Challenge” and “Running Man,” then you may be surprised! Their two answers were “Weekly Idol” and “Knowing Bros.”

B.I said that he really hopes to film variety shows during this promotion period and said specifically that he really wants to appear on the hit show “Knowing Bros.” Jay said he would love to film “Weekly Idol,” leading fellow member Ju-ne to agree and say he would like to attempt the Random Play Dance corner that has become famous on the show.

Both of the shows are on cable networks but are very popular among fans and international audiences. “Knowing Bros” has shocked everyone with their huge rise in ratings, even hitting over 7%— something almost unheard of on cable networks. Meanwhile, “Weekly Idol” is an invitation-only program where the best idol groups and singers show off their talent and charms.

Which show would you like to see iKON appear on? Let us know below!

Media: YG Entertainment

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