Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

I.O.I Bids Farewell With One Final Group Shot On Instagram

I.O.I has released one final group picture on social media.

The lovely girl group posted a picture taken after their last concert. They are seen onstage, holding banners that say “Don’t forget that we really loved you.” The picture was uploaded on Instagram with the caption, “Until now, YES, I LOVE IT! This has been I.O.I!! Thank you!!!”

I.O.I was started as a special project group and was made up of the winning contestants from the program “Produce 101.” Originally only to promote together for one year, the group soon skyrocketed to fame, leaving most people in shock at how quickly they became one of the staple girl groups in Kpop.

As previously agreed though, the members must now return to their own labels and pursue their careers in different ways. However, they released one final MV entitled “Downpour” to say goodbye to fans.

Check out their final group post below.

지금까지 YES, I LOVE IT! 아이오아이 였습니다!! 감사합니다!!!

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