Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

Henry Shows Off His Custom Designed House In Newest Episode Of “I Live Alone”

On the newest episode of “I Live Alone,” Kpop idol Henry Lau showed off his custom designed home.

On the January 20th episode of the MBC show, the singer proudly showed off his home, telling how he designed various things himself and had things custom-made to suit his tastes. According to the singer, after traveling so much and spending so much time abroad and in hotels for work activities, he wanted a house that truly felt like home. However, when he started looking to purchase a home, he couldn’t find anything that truly felt like the perfect fit. That’s when he decided to design it himself.

As the solo artist and Super Junior M member shows off the various designs that make the house special and unique to him, it’s obvious that the house is much different from the normal Korean house. In fact, it has a distinctively Western feel, showing Henry still feels a strong pull to his Canadian roots. The hosts are also impressed with the beautiful style and furnishings of the home as well.

The design is very open and has lots of natural light shining in. It also has exposed brick and statement walls, following closely with Western design trends.

Check out the video below! What do you think of Henry’s beautiful home? Do you wish you could have Henry design a house for you?

Make sure to watch the full episode for more fun with Henry and the crew!

Media: MBC

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