Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

BTS Shows Off Adorable Personalities In “Star Show 360”

BTS made an appearance together on “Star Show 360” recently! Are you surprised at their rare TV show appearance? Their time on this segment provided fans with nonstop enjoyment and is sure to make you both laugh and cry!

After the hosts, Tak Jae Hoon and Leeteuk introduced themselves, BTS is welcomed in as a “second Psy” and proceeds to immediately make themselves at home.

A few high points occur when J-Hope and Jungkook dance to girl group songs, Jungkook and V have an impersonation battle, and V attempts to serenade everyone with the saxophone, which (as he repeatedly mentions) he hasn’t played for 6 years, so “please understand.” In addition to all this, V leaves to go use the bathroom, something that the hosts say has never happened before and elicits many laughs. Jimin insists he has no aegyo, and Rapmonster is… well, typical Rap Monster. Jin‘s grandpa/uncle-like characteristics come out through his dad jokes, and Suga somehow becomes the variety show, entertainment guru. As a special guest, Sohye from IOI joins them, and adds to the fun and merry mood.

However, it’s not just fun and games, as we fans also get to hear them discussing their difficulties and learn about one of the few times the members of BTS have seen Jungkook, the precious maknae, cry. Beware, your eyes might start sweating too!

If you haven’t watched this amazing segment yet, be sure to check it out! Below are some of the main parts of the show.

Did you watch the BTS episode? What did you think?

Media: YouTube (jj)

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