Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

Billboard Producer ASH To Collaborate With Boy Group OMEGA X

Emerging song maker ASH, who has produced various hits on the Billboard chart, has made his way to South Korea for his latest project— a collaboration with SPIRE Entertainment boy group, OMEGA X!

The Japanese producer has worked on tracks by world-famous artists such as Eminem, Snoop Dogg, and 50 Cent. He has also rubbed shoulders with famed Motown/R&B legends such as engineer Reggie Dozier, drummer James Gadson, and Earth, Wind & Fire guitarist Serg Dimitrijevic.

Originally working as a model in Japan, ASH became interested in pursuing music after moving to LA. During his first year as a producer, he worked for the iconic American music label Death Row Records as a composer, arranger, and keyboard player

He is known for incorporating a unique style of African-American gospel influence into his music, setting him apart from many other Japanese producers. He also serves as the Musical Director for a black gospel church in LA, a role he has kept since 2010. Previously working with Japanese superstars like A.I and Leo Ieiri, ASH’s collaboration with OMEGA X will be the producer’s first foray into K-pop.  

OMEGA X debuted in 2021 with “VAMOS.” The team is made up of members from disbanded or currently inactive groups including SPECTRUM (Jaehan), ENOi (Kevin, Junghoon, Hyuk), Seven O’Clock (Hangyeom), LIMITLESS (Hwichan), SNUPER (Sebin), GIDONGDAE (Taedong), 1TEAM (Xen, Jehyun), and 1the9 (Yechan).

At the start of the year, the group released their second EP Love Me Like, and recently confirmed they are set to come back in June. Earlier this month, it was revealed the oldest and youngest members, Jaehan and Yechan, were cast for the lead roles of the web-drama adaptation of BL webtoon, “Comfort The Boy.”  

SPIRE Entertainment also confirmed that OMEGA X member Hangyeom— who is active in the songwriting team WEHOT— will be writing and composing the OST for the webtoon, along with TAN’s Jaejun (formerly of C-CLOWN and TREI). The pair are close friends who previously collaborated in 2020. The OST will be performed by Jaehan and Yechan.

“Comfort The Boy” is scheduled to air in September following OMEGA X’s comeback which is slated for June. Stay tuned for the exciting results of their collaboration with ASH!

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MEDIA: ASH, SPIRE Entertainment