Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

B.I.G’s Benji Announces Departure From Group

After seven years as the main vocalist, visual, and face of idol group B.I.G (Boys In Groove), member Benji has decided to depart from the group.

Revealed on October 1st KST through the singer’s Instagram, the decision to begin a new path as a solo artist was made after his contract with company GH Entertainment ended.

In the heartfelt message, Benji recalls fond memories of when the team first got together and came up with the group name with the company. He then leaves brief individual messages to each member, calling them his brothers, and thanking fans for all their support!

Shortly after the announcement, Benji went live on Instagram to talk with fans and fill them in on his future plans. He mentions thoughts of new music, Twitch streaming, and opening his own YouTube channel.

Benji was born in Indiana, USA and grew up in Seattle, Washington. He moved to Korea in 2011 to pursue his goal of becoming a singer.

B.I.G debuted in 2014 with the cultural exchange song “Hello” and achieved success both domestically and abroad with singles like “Are You Ready?,” “Between Night n Music,” “Taola,” “Aphrodite,” and “1.2.3.”

Particularly in recent years, the group gained a huge Arab fanbase after covering popular Arabic songs as part of their “Global Cover Project.” The song were so well-received that the boys even released versions of their own tracks “Hello Hello” and “Illusion” in the Arabic language. B.I.G visited the UAE (United Arab Emirates) last year, performing in Abu Dhabi. They also met Saudi Arabian Prince Mohammad Bin Salman Al Saud at South Korea’s Blue House with President Moon Jae In.

Benji made his solo debut in 2019 with the R&B song “Telephone,” which he wrote and produced himself. Away from music, he is known for his appearances on various Korean variety shows over the years, both as a guest and charismatic MC.

Check out his first video on his YouTube channel below, as we wish him all the best for his exciting next chapter!

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MEDIA: GH Entertainment