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Amber Films At A Convenience Store With BapMokJa And Haeppy


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YouTube stars BapMokJa and Haeppy released a new video starring everyone’s favorite idol— Amber of f(x)!

The down-to-earth Kpop star happily followed the two guys around a local convenience store to buy ingredients to make Christmas dinner. The catch? They had to buy every ingredient needed from the store and make it using the store’s microwaves and tools. The hosts competed against each other, and Amber acted as the judge and taste tester. The best part is the video say “part one,” so we can only hope that part two will include Amber as well!

BapMokJa and Haeppy are foreigners who live and work in South Korea. Since starting their own YouTube channel, they became immensely popular and now speak on a variety of topics from daily life in Seoul, plastic surgery, hair and makeup tips, Korean food, Kpop music, and much more. They often have idols who guest in their videos and play games with them. You can click HERE to visit their YouTube channel.

Check out the video below to see the adorable idol as she decides who the ultimate winner is of the convenience store cook-off!

Media: BapMokJa And Haeppy (YouTube)

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