Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

It’s Christmas Eve! Family and friends are already gathering to celebrate. Trees are decorated and shining brightly. The entire world seems a bit brighter and happier.

As you finish your shopping, cooking and preparations for the big day, you obviously need the perfect playlist to get you through the day. What The Kpop has gathered ten songs that are perfect to listen to this holiday— some of them are already well-known, while others aren’t as famous with international audiences. Check them out below!

10. “Santa You Are The One” – SMTOWN

Start things off with this bright and happy song! The video features the entire SMTOWN family, but the song is sung by Super Junior. It’s also completely in English!

9. “Snow Candy” – Starship Planet

The Starship label gets things moving with this adorable song and MV. Various people from the label participate in the music video, making it one of our favorites on the list!

8. “Lately” – INFINITE

This is the only Christmas song that INFINITE has ever recorded. It features their famous bright pop sound and lots of lovely Christmas images. Check it out!

7. “Dear Santa” – Girls’ Generation-TTS

One of everyone’s favorite Kpop Christmas songs, this song came out in both Korean and English. While the English version is not as famous, it’s equally adorable. Check it out below.

6. “Lonely Christmas” – The VIBE Family

This label is famous for their vocalists, and it definitely shows in this gorgeous MV. With artists like 4Men and VIBE, this label is full of amazing talent, and they let it shine in this gospel-inspired song.

5. “Christmas Song” – CUBE Entertainment

BEAST, A-Pink, and 4Minute all contribute to this lovely Christmas song by CUBE Entertainment. The song is sweet and upbeat, making it the perfect song for a happy holiday!

4. “I Do I Do” – SECRET

SECRET delivers a great Christmas video by including the Holidays in the theme but not going overboard with cliche looks or decorations. It has just enough Christmas to add to the festive feel while still making it a great pop MV.

3. “The Winter’s Tale” – BTOB

We all know BTOB is famous for their great, strong vocals, and this MV perfectly shows off their amazing talent. Instead of typical red and green Christmas themes, we see the boys in cool colors to suit their winter concept.

2. “Already Christmas” – Brand New Music

This amazing Christmas song isn’t well-known among international fans, but it is one of the best songs you will listen to this Christmas! The vocalists from Brand New Music are all amazingly talented in R&B and more. It is recorded by Yang Da Il, Chancellor, MC GREE, As One, and Kang Min Hee.

1. “It’s Christmas Day” – Roy Kim

Coming from one of the most talented vocalists in Korea, this beautiful Christmas song is the perfect way to close out our Christmas list. We hope that this lovely tune will be the perfect way to end your Christmas Eve as you sleep and dream of tomorrow.

Merry Christmas from WTK! We wish you the happiest and most joyful of holidays and send many wishes for a bright and happy new year!

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