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5 K-pop Music Videos Perfect For A Halloween Vibe

K-pop music videos have always been lauded for their creativity and use of unusual and creative themes. The following five music videos embody the fun, bizarre or even downright eerie aspects of Halloween!

1. SHINee – “Married to the Music”

With its perfect blend of music reminiscent of Michael Jackson (the king of horror-themed videos himself) combined with imagery evocative of “The Addams Family” and “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” this video gives off a fun vibe perfect for Halloween. A humorous yet bizarre story line makes this music video a Halloween classic, despite its summer release.

2. VIXX – “On and On”

Many videos by VIXX definitely fit the Halloween mold! However, “On and On” stands out from the rest with its Sci-Fi/Horror film theme, complete with outlandish and otherworldly backgrounds. VIXX’s takes on the role of space vampires (complete with spooky contacts and fangs) quite well, plus the fact that the main dance resembles the movement of zombies makes this video a shoo-in for Halloween!

3. Sunmi – “Full Moon”

This music video— with its suspenseful opening and engaging story line— highlights two very popular Halloween motifs: vampires and the full moon! The dark, ethereal vibe of the video is accentuated through the use of beautiful, detailed costumes and elegant, eerie backgrounds bathed in moonlight. The dramatic cliffhanger at the end cements its spot on this Halloween list.

4. Red Velvet – “Peek-A-Boo”

Five girls lure an oblivious pizza delivery boy to their abode to play a deadly game of cat and mouse. It sounds like the plot to a thriller movie! Red Velvet’s “Peek-A-Boo” takes this already unsettling story and adds the group’s own unique style to it with a upbeat dance and chorus that contrasts with the dark and grim elements of the music video. This video is very much like the concept of Trick or Treat.

5. Sunny Hill – “Midnight Circus”

Circuses and carnivals have always been associated with the unusual and supernatural. Sunny Hill delves into this theme with music slightly suggestive of a carnival and even more so visually with the use of magical and surreal scenes. A cast of bizarre characters encompass more than the typical circus folk, such as the mysterious ringmaster with his large black “suitcase,” the solemn accordion player who watches the story unfold, and the uncanny mannequin-like dancers .

The essence of Halloween encompasses many vibes from fun and colorful to dark and bizarre or even downright spooky and scary! Just like Halloween offers a lot of concepts for various people, the videos on this list do as well.

Which video on the list do you feel most embodies the Halloween spirit? What other videos would you have added? Let us know your thoughts by tweeting to us @whatthekpop1!

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