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10 Amazing Halloween Inspired K-pop Music Videos

It’s time to break out your costumes, so you can trick or treat for sweets to eat! To get you in the mood for the spookiest night of the year, here are a few K-pop music videos that were inspired by Halloween costumes and themes. From the creepiest and darkest videos to the most adorable […]Read More

7 Halloween Makeup Looks Inspired By Your Favorite K-pop Music Videos

Makeup is an essential component of an idol’s visual. However, its purpose is not just to make an idol pretty or aesthetically pleasing. Oftentimes in K-pop, makeup is used as a magic wand to create new identities and deliver interesting and different concepts. Ranging from fairies to monsters, K-pop makeup has it all! Just in […]Read More

5 K-pop Music Videos Perfect For A Halloween Vibe

K-pop music videos have always been lauded for their creativity and use of unusual and creative themes. The following five music videos embody the fun, bizarre or even downright eerie aspects of Halloween! 1. SHINee – “Married to the Music” With its perfect blend of music reminiscent of Michael Jackson (the king of horror-themed videos […]Read More

10 K-pop Songs Meant For More Mature Demographics

K-pop has a large audience with a wide age range, thus allowing the music to range from songs of youthful fun to the more risqué and mature. Although some listeners may not pay close attention to the lyrics, some songs are not meant for younger demographics. Check out some of them in the list below! […]Read More

WATCH: Sunmi Bares Her Vulnerable Thoughts In “Borderline” Music Video

On August 19th at 7 p.m. KST, Sunmi released music video for her song, “Borderline.” Back in 2019, she initially revealed the piece as a tweet and then performed the song during her first world tour, “WARNING.” A very personal creation that maps out the singer’s innermost thoughts and emotions, “Borderline” was personally written by […]Read More

The Many Faces of K-Pop: The Top 7 Concepts That Will Never Get Old

Korean pop has never shied away from variety and diversity in its concepts, ranging from cute, sexy, and dark to innumerable others. Here we count down the top seven concepts that will never go out of style! 1) The Cute Concept Pioneered by the likes of Girl’s Generation (“Gee”) and Apink (“Mr Chu”), the cute […]Read More

WATCH: Sunmi Laments About Love In “pporappippam” MV

On June 29th at 5:30 p.m. KST, K-pop siren Sunmi revealed her new music video! “pporappippam” is a city pop song incorporated with strong bass and flute sounds. It was written by the idol herself and is inspired by the different scenarios of love, from the passionate beginning to the lonely end. Sunmi co-produced the […]Read More

WATCH: Sunmi Goes Playfully Eclectic In Music Video For “Lalalay”

Sunmi heats up the competition! On August 27th at 6 p.m. KST, Sunmi dropped the music video for her digital single, “Lalalay”! With the title rooted in a Korean word for “non-conformist,” the song was written and composed by Sunmi along with FRANTS. It was reportedly inspired by her recent experiences while travelling for her […]Read More

WATCH: Sunmi Makes A Bold Statement About Society In New “Noir” MV

Sunmi is finally back! On March 4th, the talented artist dropped the music video for “Noir.” The thought-provoking video portrays Sunmi in different difficult situations: facing online criticism and netizens, battling anxiety and depression as a result of their hate, and getting trapped into the world of social media where we feel it necessary to […]Read More