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5 Emotional Korean Music Videos That Will Break Your Heart

Some of my friends love sad songs and sad music videos but personally, I prefer lighter ones. My favorite are in fact performance-based music videos. That being said, however, even I see the appeal of of watching something that can really get you in your feels, as they say.

Perhaps they just kick you right in the soul or maybe they simply lift a heavy feeling in your heart, but either way, they drive you to share the videos with someone else who can connect with the it as well.

Grab your favorite comfort food, perhaps some tissues, and let’s talk about five emotionally devastating Korean music videos!

5. “Nap of a Star” – TXT

“Nap of a Star” isn’t a music video that hits the viewer with shock value-induced emotions, but it’s one that takes you on a gentle ride of longing and love.

The whimsicality and beautiful artistry of the video pull at heartstrings and the emotions portrayed by the members really brings it all together. If TXT doesn’t get an acting contract, it would be considered a crime!

“Nap of a Star” is one of those music videos you feel like you need to take a second or third watch to really grasp the meaning and to savor a beautiful experience despite the sadness of the video.

4. “Beautiful Liar” – VIXX LR

Everything about the “Beautiful Liar” music video and song was set up so well. The contrast between Leo’s and Ravi’s voices, their wardrobes, their hair— everything was perfect! Watching the internal conflict that Leo’s and Ravi’s characters display in the music video was amazing. The song and music video really worked together to create something heart-aching and moving.

3. “The Day Before” – Nell

If you haven’t watched Nell‘s “The Day Before” music video yet, please be warned that it depicts a man committing suicide. Although it’s by poisoning and not graphic, it may still be triggering for some.

The music video is a bit ambiguous at first but after some thought, and perhaps a scroll to the comments to read some fan theories, it comes all together. This video really stuck with me for days after I watched it.

Usually, when music videos depict suicide, they do it in gruesome and often gory ways with heavy, dark lighting. “The Day Before” totally flips that all on its head making it much more striking.

2. “Baby I’m Sorry” – MYNAME

When I think of sad, heartbreaking K-pop music videos, this one is always at the top of the list. It lives in infamy among fans and non-fans alike as a heartbreaking experience. In fact, you’re probably mad at me right now for reminding you of this video. “Baby I’m Sorry” is classic tearjerker stuff! If there’s a checklist for sad music video requirements, MYNAME put a bullet hole next to each one with this music video.

1. “The Light” – The Ark 

The Ark came out swinging with this gut-wrenching debut music video. I have cried every time I watch “The Light” since the emotions are truly overwhelming for this one.

Although the group was short-lived, The Ark deserves a special place in the Sad K-pop Video Hall of Fame— which is definitely not a thing, but maybe we should look into making it one! If you’re one of those people who have a special playlist for when you need to cry (no judgment here, some of life’s moments simply need a soundtrack) then “The Light” should be on it. 

With only five music videos on this list, I have certainly missed many of your favorite tear-jerking K-music favorites. Let us know what your top sad Korean music videos are by tweeting to us @whatthekpop1!

whewtaewoon is an underrated boy group and K-band enthusiast who has been a K-music fan since 2015 when Jay Park captured their heart. They can be found on Twitter hyping their ults Taewoon, Wonho, and the band VOID.

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