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10 Korean Bands You Should Know

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If you’re like me, you were raised on a musical diet of hair metal and punk rock. You may also notice that Korean bands don’t tend to get the same attention internationally as K-pop groups, despite having a wealth of talent to offer and an amazing band scene to explore. It has become something of a hobby for me to explore the marvelous world of Korean bands, so if you’re looking for something beyond K-pop, allow me to share ten Korean bands you should know!

1. Walking After U

WAU a four-member girl band who has been rocking the Korean band scene for years now. Vocalist Haein has an amazing voice that really captures both your attention and your heart.

2. Lose My Memory

Vocalist, composer, and guitarist Jun has smooth vocals that I find soothing. Maybe this will end up being your new favorite Emo band!

3. Riot Kidz

This band sounds like they walked straight out of my teenaged self’s CD collection. As such, they are one of my favorites!

4. ms. isoph romatem 

This band describes themselves as a post-visual rock band. Not only do they bring a unique sound to the table, they also bring a unique look as well.

5. Batu

I found myself jamming to this band immediately. In fact, I need this band’s entire discography in my hands now, please!

6. Midian

Maybe you’re into heavier music, and if so, Midian may be just the band for you. This death metal band is a perfect example of the diversity Korea has to offer in their band scene.

7. Synsnake

This trancecore band has been rocking since 2016. The contrast between the two vocalists’ voices works beautifully together.

8. Crackshot

Vocalist Vince has an amazing voice I would rank in my top favorites, and the band’s music quenches that hard rock thirst.

9. Rolling Quartz

The five-member, all-girl band is currently making waves among K-pop fans for their visuals, amazing covers, and great music.

10. Lubless

This three-member band is absolutely teeming with talent and personality. As such, they’re definitely a group you need to check out today!

This list is merely the tip of the musically rich and diverse bands Korea has to offer! Hopefully, you found a few that speak to you and spark your own love affair with Korean bands. Finding Korean music that isn’t showcased on music shows or promoted by your favorite streaming site can be a little intimidating, but hopefully, this list is a great starting place for you!

Let us know if you have any of your own hidden gems of Korean bands to share with us! Share your thoughts by tweeting to us @whatthekpop1!

whewtaewoon is an underrated boy group and K-band enthusiast who has been a K-music fan since 2015 when Jay Park captured their heart. They can be found on Twitter hyping their ults Taewoon, Wonho, and the band VOID. When they’re not musing about K-music, they’ve been known to ponder other wonders of the world like murder mysteries, LGBTQ+ history, and theology.

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