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WATCH: Korean Rock Legends Boohwal Reminisce In “The Moment” MV

On September 11th, legendary Korean rockers Boohwal— who have been active for 35 years— released the first single off the band’s upcoming fourteenth full-length album, scheduled for release this winter.  “The Moment” is an authentic rock ballad referencing the beauty of the moment when love begins, as well as the parting of that love. The […]Read More

10 Korean Bands You Should Know

If you’re like me, you were raised on a musical diet of hair metal and punk rock. You may also notice that Korean bands don’t tend to get the same attention internationally as K-pop groups, despite having a wealth of talent to offer and an amazing band scene to explore. It has become something of […]Read More

WTKpop Throwback: The 4 Best Albums By Jaurim

Welcome back to WTKpop Throwback! love Jaurim. They’re my favorite Korean band of all time. Actually, they’re my favorite Korean musicians in general. So, I want to take the time and highlight the best of Jaurim throughout the years. Below is going to be my four favorite albums, plus my favorite song from each entry. […]Read More

WATCH: FTISLAND Gives Chills In Emotional New MV “Wind”

FTISLAND has officially made their comeback for their 10th anniversary! On June 7th KST, the day of FTISLAND’s 10th anniversary since debut, the popular band dropped their newest MV on V Live. The beautiful rock ballad is sure to give listeners chills with the emotional melody and lyrics. With Lee Hong Ki’s soaring vocals and […]Read More

The 10 Best Moments Of 10 Years With FTISLAND

To celebrate FTISLAND‘s 10th anniversary, we found the top ten best moments in FTISLAND history! From their debut on June 7th, 2007, to their current career in 2017, we will see the funny, the sad, and the most triumphant times for FTISLAND. As one of Korea’s best pop-rock bands, these legends have faced trials but […]Read More

Ever Heard Of K-Rock? 10 K-Bands You Need To Know

If you’re anything like me, you love Kpop and its fun styles, dancing, and talented entertainers and artists. However, your music tastes goes beyond that and into metal and many other rock genres. You might also miss AOA‘s band unit and the Wonder Girls. Fear not, Writer Paradoxicalsuds has got you covered! We all know about […]Read More

FNC Entertainment Band HONEYST To Make Official Debut In May

HONEYST is set to make their official debut this month! The FNC Entertainment band, formerly known as Neoz Band during their trainee period, will be making their official debut next week! The group is made up of four members: Chul Min, Dong Sung, Seung Seok, and Hwan. The Neoz Band was part of Neoz School, a […]Read More

WATCH: CNBLUE Makes Long-Awaited Comeback With “Between Us”

CNBLUE is back! The famous boy band from FNC Entertainment is finally back, releasing their newest song and MV! The track, entitled “Between Us,” features a slightly different sound for CNBLUE. As usual, they rock out on their instruments, but this time, the vocals have a slightly more pop feel. The combination makes for a […]Read More