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10 K-pop Songs Meant For More Mature Demographics

K-pop has a large audience with a wide age range, thus allowing the music to range from songs of youthful fun to the more risqué and mature.

Although some listeners may not pay close attention to the lyrics, some songs are not meant for younger demographics. Check out some of them in the list below!

1. Rain – “Rainism

Beginning with the repetitive and addictive lines “I’m gonna be a bad boy. I gotta be a bad boy,” “Rainism” is not exactly a song of subtlety as it includes lyrics such as “magic stick.” There is little to imagine when taking into context what Rain is implying.

2. Rania – “Dr. Feel Good

Rania made a name for themselves when they debuted in 2011 and received an immediate ban by Korea’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism. “Dr Feel Good” was slammed for its lyrical insinuations and the provocative dance.

Deemed “too sexy,” the Teddy Riley-produced song and the matching dark music video was a head turner for many in 2011. The girls coyly sang a request for “Dr. Dr. Feel Good, come make me feel real good,” allowing little room to mistake its context for anything else.

3. TVXQ – “Mirotic

Although initially banned by KBS and censored by the Korean Commission of Youth Protection— who deemed it too provocative and overly sexual— “Mirotic” has become one of the most iconic and most covered songs in K-Pop.

The popular chorus alone expresses “You want me, You’ve fallen for me, You’re crazy over me, You can’t escape.” It then ends with the phrase synonymous with the song and the very reason it was banned in the first place, “I got you under my skin.”

4. WONHO – “Open Mind

Wonho is back as a soloist and made good use of his ten-month hiatus by creating an album of R&B, soul, and dance-inspired songs!

His title track “Open Mind” has captured audiences around the globe, leaving listeners blushing as he expresses, “Let’s do the things we can’t say… Tell me your desires and I’ll bring them all to life. Just for one night, keep an open mind, girl.”

5. VIXX – “Chained Up

Known for their interesting concepts, VIXX took a mature twist with this 2015 release. Becoming love slaves, they fall into submission and open the song with lines such as “You gaze straight through me, over the whip that made me submit. (That’s right, good boy.)”

It was something a little too intense to be simply innocent, especially when you consider the love contract they included with the album for that comeback.

6. Miss A – “Hush

One of the more obvious entries on this list. “Hush” does not shy away with its lyrics, especially in the chorus. However, the most obvious part is within the song’s hook: “I’m running out of breath, I can’t think straight. I can’t control it, I’m losing it. What’s wrong with me? Hurry, hurry boy. I want you.”

7. JYJ – “Back Seat

With a title like “Back Seat,” really only one thing can be insinuated with this song and sexy concept. With lines “wanna touch your body all night” in the chorus and most of the lyrics telling a lover to relax and enjoy their time together in their back seat, it really is no wonder that this song was also banned from broadcasting upon its release in 2014.

8. Seo In Guk – “BeBe”

This smooth R&B style song is a hidden gem in K-pop and one that truly shows a lot Seo In Guk‘s singing abilities very well.

It has a very mature and refined style from video to lyrics, such as in the pre-chorus: “Wanna see you at the end, That face is dangerous. Close your eyes now, I’m gonna go low low low.”

Its message, however, is more than just being with a lover or physical attraction but the growing of a relationship. The chorus expresses, “Don’t worry baby, It might be too early to say its love, but you’re heart is filled with me… Although you might think, There’s not enough time to look at me, Don’t worry babe. If you want something deeper, look. I’m right behind you, You can have all of me now.”

9. Sunmi – “24 Hours

From its dance to its lyrics, Sunmi‘s “24 Hours” may catch some listeners by surprise.

Although there are plenty of implications in the opening lines of the chorus alone: “24 hours are not enough, When I’m touching you, and when you’re touching me,” the song goes further as it expresses the dizzying emotions of falling deeply for someone. “Falling endlessly is so scary, but if it’s you, if you will catch me, I’m not afraid. I want to keep going””

10. Taemin – “Thirsty

What more can be said of a song literally titled “Thirsty”? If the title wasn’t enough, all you have to do is read the lyrics which are filled with the expressions of desire and physical attraction.

Just for fun, check out a few lines from the chorus! “When I’m in front of you, I get thirsty. My whole body trembles, my breath gets hot. I’m too thirsty to just look at you.” Knowing that this song is sung and danced to by the ever charming Taemin, we can almost guarantee that you’ll be blushing after hearing these lyrics.

Honorable Mentions

These tracks are honorable mentions as they are either B-tracks, features, or just a little extra fun!

Dreamcatcher – “Wonderland

“Wonderland” is a side track from Dreamcatcher‘s third mini-abum, Alone In The City. The song has a sweet and soft melodic tone and can be oddly deceptive until reading the lyrics.

Although the lines may seem innocent at first, there are a few implications as the ladies sing, “I want you, come. A piece that fits for me, It was you who finally found it. Someone here, quietly, Hold me in you hands. Take me to wonderland, hush hush hush. There, it’s only us.”

H.Cue Ft. A.C.E. – “I Feel So Lucky

“I Feel So Lucky” is an English track by French producer H.Cue featuring the members A.C.E.

The song has an addictive instrumental and beat that captures the listener quickly, but the real show stopper here are the vocals as the group express how they feel so lucky being with the girl for whom they’ve waited. Nothing is innocent about this song either, with lyrics like, “You could do what you like with my body, I will do what you want ’cause your sexy… I feel so lucky, I laid you finally in my land, I feel so lucky.”

Super Junior H – “Pajama Party

Lastly, a silly entry that may surprise you! Oh the days of Super Junior – Happy, the fourth official sub-unit of the large group, who created silly and happy tracks like “Cooking? Cooking!” and “Pajama Party.”

Although this track may seem far from the concept of this list, it really isn’t with lines like: “Afterwards when we get tired, it’d be time for me to capture the mood. There maybe even some sly thoughts that sneak in – WHOA!” Enough said on that one.

Did any of these tracks catch you by surprise? Although some were quite obvious, others may be a bit more mature than you initially thought. Let us know your thoughts by tweeting to us @whatthekpop1!

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