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10 Amazing Kpop Songs To Add To Your Christmas Playlist

If you’ve been joining us on WTK Radio this month, you will know that we have been sharing some of the best Christmas songs from your favorite Kpop artists! Although we’ve already played hours of amazing Christmas songs throughout the month of December, there are still hours worth of tracks to make your holiday playlist even better.

Out of all this amazing music, there are certain songs that we think everyone should be listening to this Christmas season! Don’t miss out— check out ten of our favorites songs below!

1) J-Min – “Happy X-Mas (War Is Over)”

J-Min is an artist from SMTOWN that mainly promotes in Japan. While not widely known in mainstream Kpop circles, this is one amazing singer to take note of! Her version of “Happy X-Mas (War Is Over)” is completely pristine and delivered with such perfect English skills that it allows her voice to truly shine and deliver the message of the lyrics.

2) Park Bom and Lee Hi – “All I Want For Christmas”

A popular Christmas song in South Korea, Park Bom and Lee Hi deliver a stunning arrangement of this famous Mariah Carey tune while putting their own spin and style on it. While the song captures the loneliness and longing of the Christmas track, the MV itself goes down a darker path, sharing a story that isn’t at all “merry and bright” as the rest of season generally is.

3) Girls’ Generation TTS – “Dear Santa”

Girls’ Generation TTS delivered a very solid Christmas album back in 2015 that still delights fans to this day. Coming in as the number one track on the album, “Dear Santa” is a charming holiday song that starts off slowly and showcases the perfect harmonies of the members. After an extended intro, the song suddenly changes gears and goes full on bright and happy to capture the innocence of the season!

4) Wendy (Red Velvet) – “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”

You cannot get as perfect as this beautiful song as delivered by Red Velvet’s Wendy. Accompanied by the brilliant pianist Jay Jung Jae Moon and Nile Lee, this song is a stunning work of art that is easily as captivating as the original version made famous so many years ago by Judy Garland.

5) The Barberettes – “White Christmas”

“White Christmas” is the best-selling song in the world of all times. As difficult as it is to live up to the beautiful version made famous by the fabulous crooner Bing Crosby, this lovely Korean band delivers such stunning harmony in their version that it easily takes the place as one of the best Christmas songs by a Korean artist. In fact, The Barberettes are my number one recommended band when it comes to Christmas music. Each of their holiday tracks are a definite win and will soon become a favorite on your holiday playlist!

6) Big Hit Entertainment – “Perfect Christmas”

A surprisingly underrated Christmas song considering that it involves BTS member RM and Jungkook, this song is a chill, upbeat song that is a perfect addition to your holiday playlist! Including former Big Hit artists Lim Jeong Hee and Joo Hee, as well as 2AM‘s Jo Kwon, fans will go crazy over this great song and adorable video.

7) EXO – “Miracle in December”

This song by EXO has quickly become one of the most classic winter songs to come out of the Kpop world! Coming off of EXO’s first winter album of the same name, “Miracles in December” is sung by D.O., Baekhyun, and Chen, delivering strong vocals in such a beautiful way that every listener was captivated from the moment it first came bursting onto the scene. Although EXO has many other winter albums that have delivered additional gems, without a doubt, this is EXO’s biggest Christmas song to date.

8) Super Junior with Zhou Mi and Henry- “Santa You Are The One”

SMTOWN has delivered a lot of amazing Christmas songs from Kpop! Perhaps, this is due to the fact that they are the label who has most consistently produced Christmas and winter albums, starting back in the days of H.O.T! One of people’s favorites tracks is this fun, catchy song that sings of Santa’s wonderful attributes and captures the joy and happiness of the holidays! Sung entirely in English, this song is a definite treat for fans!

9) Ailee – “My Grown Up Christmas List”

As with every vocal performance, Ailee delivers a beautiful song through her version of “My Grown Up Christmas List.” With equal parts beauty and strength, Ailee captures the longing for peace and better things in our world today. The music video itself also focuses on the innocence of youth and the beauty of their wishes for a better world.

10) Roy Kim – “It’s Christmas Day”

What themed list could be complete with a song from Roy Kim? Whatever the season, it seems that this amazing soloist is able to perfectly express the feelings of the listener. From spring to fall to winter, Roy Kim has an amazing selection of songs that are delivered beautifully and with his unique, acoustic sound. Perhaps one of his best songs ever, “It’s Christmas Day” is an underrated song that deserves a spot on everyone’s holiday playlist. Check it out below to see for yourself how perfect this song truly is!

Join us on December 27th for even more great Christmas songs from your favorite Kpop artists! Listen on www.wtkradio.com at 10 p.m. EST for the final 2017 broadcast of “A Very Kpop Christmas.” We’ll be playing some of these amazing songs, plus many more!

In addition to the songs above, we also recommend the full SMTOWN albums The Warmest Gift and Only Love, BoA‘s Winter Garden, Starship Entertainment and Jellyfish Entertainment‘s yearly Christmas releases, Teen Top‘s great winter album Snow Kiss, and many more!

Did you favorite song make the list? What other tracks should we have included?

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