Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

Zion. T Drops New MV “The Song” + Tops All Music Charts In Korea

Zion. T has officially made his comeback!

On February 1st at midnight KST, the singer dropped his album OO, as well as the MV for his title track “The Song.” The quirky music video is shot with soft, cotton candy colors and whimsical imagery. Overall, it was a very different concept for the artist, but it worked perfectly with his song.

This marks the singer’s first comeback since signing with The Black Label, a sub-label of YG Entertainment. It also marks the singer’s first full album in over four years. The lead track’s lyrics were written by Zion. T and co-produced by him as well.

The success of his comeback immediately became evident as he soared to the top of the charts in Korea! His title track is ranked #1 on all music charts in Korea, except for one. Who was it that kept him from having a perfect all-kill with “The Song”? Why, it was none other than himself! On the olleh charts, “Complex,” one of the non-title tracks he recorded with G-Dragon, ranked number one, keeping his title track in second place. So, if not for that song, he would have achieved a perfect all-kill with his title track. Regardless, Zion. T is still ranked both first and second on every single chart, either for his title track or his collaboration track with G-Dragon (as you can see in the charts below).

It seems like Zion. T’s long-awaited comeback with be a huge success!

Check out the charts and the new MV below. Let us know what you think!

Rankings of Zion. T’s title track “The Song”
Rankings of non-title track “Complex”    
(Ft. G-Dragon)







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