Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

YG Entertainment Asks Fans “Who’s Next?” In Newest Teaser Image

On November 17th, YG Entertainment released a teaser image asking fans “Who’s Next?”

The image features several small light bulbs, with only one light bulb illuminated and whose wires come together inside to form the phrase “Who’s Next?” Above the light bulbs is written the date of the comeback , December 1st, 20016.

It was just confirmed by a YG source that BIGBANG and Sechs Kies would be making their comebacks before the end of the year. As such, it seems that December 1st is the comeback date for one of these groups, but which group will make their comeback on this date is yet to be seen. Chances are that Sechs Kies will make their comeback first, followed by BIGBANG to close out the year.

Are you excited to see the next YG artist release new material? Do you prefer to see Sechs Kies first or see BIGBANG’s comeback first? Let us hear from you!

Check out the full image below.


Media: YG Entertainment

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