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WTK REVIEW: A Look Back At F.T. Island’s Album “Where’s the Truth?”

F.T. Island‘s sixth album “Where’s the Truth,” released July 18th, is without a doubt one of the best rock albums to come out of South Korea in awhile. Mixing post grunge, Japanese techno with 80’s power ballads and drum talents from Choi Min Hwan, the first three songs on the album are profound.

The themes of bitterness towards ended relationships come across in the first song “Out of Love” and the anger seems justified! With compelling back up vocals from Lee Jae-jin, Choi Seung-hyun, and Choi Jong-hoon, the poignant lyrics from Lee Hong-ki and Jamil Kazmi took me to another world. The need to discover truth on one’s own, perfectly sums up the title track “Take Me Now.” Lee Hong-ki’s power voice leads this theme for truth as he seems to truly feel the need to discover deeper truths. The song is great for when people ask themselves the big questions of life and there seems to be an oppressive force that is not allowing the need for discovery. No wonder it won on SBS’ ”The Show” back in late July.

“Lose” brings piano and orchestra to the band’s beat-driven style. The lyrics continue the theme of breaking romantic relationships, but with this track, there’s more of a deeper longing with a repetitive notion to keep the relationship.

Next, “가면” (Mask) has a bit of a warning to the person with seemingly coy traits in a relationship. The idea comes across that the narrator can see through the other person’s insincerity. “Stand By Me” becomes the sorrowful ballad of the album that seems to be the squeal to “Mask,” with its theme of losing love and bringing up the question of whether the relationship is worth it to their significant other.

However, the fifth track is a hiccup with voice and subject. “너에게물들어” (Becoming You) is romantic and full of hope for two people to remain together after struggles. The romanticism continues in “Paparazzi,” which was written mostly by F.T. Island’s leader Jong-hoon and guitarist Seung-hyun. “Wonderful Life” presents a groovier style and easy-going guitar rifts.

Lastly, “We Are…” is an ending song to thank all Primadonnas for their love and support over F.T. Island’s nine years of support and friendship. There seems to be no slowing down for these tenacious lovers of rock.


“Where’s the Truth?” has two versions:

FTIsland Album

The silver version is “False” and the red version is “Truth.” Choosing a version is tricky since there are two different photo shoots. Unless you have enough for both, choose wisely, since both have fantastic photo shoots of the guys that any fan would love to add to their collection.


Overall, I rate this album a solid 9.7

Genre Appeal: 10

Lyrics: 9.5

Musical Skill: 9.3

Packaging: 9.8


*Stay tuned over the next few weeks for a chance to win this amazing album!


Kim (Paradoxicalsuds) is a writer for What the Kpop and has been a devoted K-Pop fan for almost ten years. An avid SNSD, GOT7, FTIsland, and AOA fan, Kim has been in love with K-Pop since the original debut of TVXQ. While she watches new MVs or K-Dramas on her laptop, Kim enjoys tea, begging for affection from her cat, making jewelry, and writing fiction. 


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