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WTK Playlist: March Into Spring With These Great Songs

Welcome to our new series here at WTK. We will be making themed Spotify playlists, showcasing our favorite K-music picks! Stay tuned for new playlists every month.

Wow, can you believe it’s the end of March already? It feels like time is falling faster than cherry blossom petals these days. Still, the time when the snow finally melts and flowers emerge is the perfect opportunity to slow down and practice mindfulness. Spring isn’t just for lovers, but it’s also a great time to spend quality time with our family and friends! Stop and smell the roses, notice the soft breeze blowing through the trees, feel the warm sun shining on your skin… and good golly, listen to Kpop!!! Wherever you go, take this playlist with you— the fresh, acoustic-heavy list, featuring popular Kpop tracks and indie favorites, is perfect to get you ready to “march” into spring with a smile.

You can find our full playlist at the end of this article, but in the meantime let’s check out a few highlights.

Eric Nam x WENDY – “Spring Love”

This SM Station collab with Eric Nam and Wendy of Red Velvet is just the sweetest! Their voices pair really nicely together, and the melody is uplifting, yet warm. The music video was shot with a bit of snow still present, but the chilly weather and icky slush doesn’t stop them from living out their springtime affair/friendship to the fullest. If any song makes me want to have a picnic under a big tree with my crush (and by that I mean a photo of my bias), it’s definitely this one.

Akdong Musician (AKMU) – “200%”

Sibling duo Akdong Musician definitely started off on the right foot, considering their debut title track “200%” is also their most popular, topping the charts in spring of 2014 and winning several awards. The song is refreshingly catchy, the lyrics are innocently charming, and while the ending is bittersweet, is it even possible to watch the music video without smiling at Suhyun and Chanhyuk’s antics? Adorbs. We’re 200sure this song is perfect for spring. Time to fold some origami cranes!

K.Will – “Love Blossom”

Let’s talk about the music video in a literal sense: The video shows L of INFINITE in some office job, and he appears to be constantly bullied and berated by his weirdo coworkers. They go to an amusement park together in their work attire for some reason, and L stays behind when they decide to ride that spinning contraception. Why? To shoot and kill the ride attendant (who happens to be K.Will) so those snobs are stuck on it forever. Whether he was just fed up or maybe even a hired assassin (not a very good one if he is), it doesn’t really matter as just a few seconds later he spots the ice cream-eating girl of his dreams and runs off with her to have the time of their lives, leaving his former coworkers to be slowly tortured. Awww! At least it’s a unique concept!

HIGH4, IU – “Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms”

This collab with IU was HIGH4’s debut track, and despite its cheery tone, it’s a song for the lonely. You could say it’s about transitioning from winter to spring, not realizing the change and being swept up in the bitterness of not having someone to love, in addition to feeling like you’re stuck in one place while everyone else is moving. Don’t we all know that feeling? Whether or not you relate, this song is a must for our spring playlist!


We’re finishing up our list with this bright, spring song by the ever-so-charming Lee Hi. Bittersweet lyrics of missing a past lover— or perhaps of a long-distance relationship— are bundled into Lee Hi’s signature, retro sound, packaged inside an aesthetically-pleasing music video, complete with a pretty bow! We want to listen to this song again, and again, and again!

Check out our full playlist below! WTK’s playlists are updated regularly, so be sure to follow us on Spotify to discover the latest and greatest in Korean music!

What are your favorite songs for spring? Let us know in the comment section below!

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